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  • Ready to use, no mixing
  • Great for outdoor wood decks, rails, etc
  • Best for prepping wood before sealing

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This product is the best in terms of how effective and easy to use it is. I started on the back deck, power washing, using this cleaner, scrubbing it in then power washing again and it looked great. By the time I got to my front porch I was warn out and skipped alot of steps. I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed it on and like magic it melted the dirt and grime away (even better then all the scrubbing and powerwashing!) I included a picture of what it looked like after just being sprayed on. The only con with this porduct is it does have a very strong smell, if you are sensitive i would recommend wearing a mask. It did irratate my hands a little bit and made holes in leather gloves where product got on.
by claudia
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Its okay, I had go o er the deck again but it works.
Its okay, I had go o er the deck again but it works.
by Djn
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As part of getting my front porch ready to stain I figured I'd use this product to give it a good cleaning as the final preparation step before applying the stain. The surface was in good condition but the previous coat of sealer was 5 years old. I applied this cleaner following the directions to a T (applied with a sprayer waited 10 minutes and then rinsed off). As I started rinsing with a hose, I noticed the once smooth deck surface was now rough and what was the previous coat of sealer was being washed off. When finished rinsing, I was horrified with the final result - see photos. So instead of having a nice clean, smooth, ready to stain deck, I had a very rough deck that needed help and now had to buy a sander and paper to the tune of about $115.00 and spend 6 hours sanding the deck making it ready for stain again. I'd highly recommend that you DO NOT use this product!!
by David
Response from Olympic TeamSep 8, 2020
Hi David, we're sorry to hear your experience with our stain wasn't what you expected. We are here to further discuss and provide solutions, so please give us a call at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm ET. OlympicPaint
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Amazing Product!
This is my first review am ever as I am usually hesitant to review a product. But this cleaner is the real deal. I used 3 others power washer ones and then I purchased this one and it did the trick. Highly Recommended and no power washer needed.
by Denis
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Don't retire your high-pressure washer yet
My backyard deck is tuning black. So I decided to give this product a try. Followed the instruction step-by-step and sprayed three times. Don't take me wrong, this product works in some casual situation, but not on the tough spots. At the end, I still need my high-pressure washer to wash away the black spots. On the positive side, it reduced my time on high-pressure wash. Worth the money? It is up to each individual.
by SmokyFalls
Works very well
Have used this for several years and always been satisfied. Purchased some Behr deck cleaner with this because the Olympic was in short supply. Had to return to purchase additional Olympic cleaner when it came back in stock. Behr cleaner didn't work. The bright clean areas are the Olympic cleaner. Also, I did not use a pressure washer.
by Bubba
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My 28 year old wood deck had never once been cleaned or resealed. It was black and growing green...
My 28 year old wood deck had never once been cleaned or resealed. It was black and growing green fur in several spots. What wasn’t black was grey wood. I bought this product based on the reviews. It worked amazingly well on getting rid of mold and dirt. I did preclean it though with TSP, then sprayed the deck solution on. This product took the fern out of the wood TSP could not. I used it also on my siding, fence, and patio! It’s such a small cost for amazing results.
by Rachel
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Really great product, just make sure you wear gloves because it is really strong. I got some on m...
Really great product, just make sure you wear gloves because it is really strong. I got some on my hand and had to rinse thoroughly. I applied it to our deck and it instantly worked. This picture is less than 5 minutes after spraying before I rinsed it off. I ended up letting it sit for about 20 minutes and then used a pressure washer to rinse to get the most efficient outcome and it is great. I was able to sand it after and now it is ready for staining.
by sdbgold
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Worked Great on Composite Decking
I have 4 year old composite decking in Missouri and this did a great job. The 10 minute time window is serious. If you spray off too early you won’t have the greatest results. A few heavy mold spots had to be spot treated but no scrubbing needed. Very happy with the result
by AJMidwest
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highly recommend!!!!!
my deck looked this way, pic 1, when I purchased home 5yrs ago. I was tired of looking at this ugly deck. So I was thinking to hire someone to replace all top board, treat and stain.... since covid-19 pandemic I've been doing more diy projects and decided to tackle the deck myself.... Amazing!!!!! Saved be thousands$$$... I used Olympic deck cleaner as directed, with my sun Joe power washer..... looks like a new deck....
by kts157
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Showing 1-10 of 732 reviews