Finishing Inside Corners

Inside corners are a natural place for hairline cracks to appear. This can be prevented by first applying a thin layer of wallboard compound, followed immediately by strips of paper or fiberglass wallboard tape pressed into the damp compound. You will want to use fiberglass tape if you use a quick-setting compound and paper wallboard tape if you use a regular premixed wallboard compound.




Step 1: Coat both walls of the corner with drywall compound using a 6-inch knife

Coat the corners of the walls with drywall compound Fill any gaps between the two walls.

Step 2: Unroll a length of drywall tape, the longer the better, but you may have to experiment to find a length that is easy to work with

Applyl a length of drywall tape You can cover the corner in several strips, overlapping the ends. Fold the tape in half, as shown, along the crease made by the manufacturer.

Step 3: - Stick the tape in the joint compound pushing it in place every 12-inches or so

Stick the tape in the joint compound Draw a knife along each wall to press the tape into the compound and remove excess mud. Let the compound dry overnight.

Step 4: - Apply joint compound to one side of the corner with a 6-inch knife

Add wall add joint compound to one side of the corner Feather the outside edge and let it dry overnight.

Step 5: When the first side of the corner is dry (it usually takes overnight) apply compound to the other side

Apply compound to the other side of the corner when the first side is dry Smooth, feather and then let dry. Repeat the process, still using a 6-inch knife to apply a third coat on one wall at a time. Let dry and then sand smooth.