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1-1/4 HP Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener with Built-In LED Lighting and Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive

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Complete your smart home with The Mighty Mule 1-1/4 HP Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener. This opener features a DC motor designed for smooth and super quiet operation. Enjoy piece of mind with the built in Mighty Mule app and voice skills sets allowing you remote entry and garage monitoring from anywhere. This unit comes standard with a lifetime warrantied dimmable and adjustable triple panel LED lighting allowing clarity in the darkest garages. Ensure your garage door opener is operational even in power outages with the included battery backup. Everything is included for quick and easy installation. The Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener comes with a with a steel reinforced belt, 1 smart wall station, 2 entry/exit 3 button remotes that also works with your Mighty Mule gate openers, 7 ft. belt rail, safety sensors and built in battery backup.
  • Built in smart technology with the MM200 wall station and Mighty Mule app allowing remote entry and garage monitoring from anywhere
  • 1-1/4 HP (horsepower equivalent) quiet DC motor
  • Compatible with skills sets for, Alexa, Google (with applicable hardware not included)
  • Triple LED lighting panel that's dimmable and adjustable, never replace a light bulb again
  • Steel reinforced belt drive for super quiet operation
  • Garage door opener comes standard to support a 7 ft. in tall garage door, this opener can be modified to support an 8 ft. garage door with the addition of a Mighty Mule 8 ft. extension rail kit (model # MMEXT8)
  • Includes: 1 steel reinforced belt, 1 smart wall station (model # MMW200), 2 entry/exit 3 button remotes (model # MMT103), 7 ft. belt rail, safety sensors and built in battery backup
  • Backed by a Mighty Mule lifetime warranty on the motor, LED lighting, steel reinforced belt and free Mighty Mule technical support
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
Rail Length (ft.)


Bulb Type
Doors Operated by Remote
Battery Backup Function,Safety sensor,Wireless keypad
Garage Door Opener Horsepower (hp)
1 1/4 hp
Batteries,Hardware,Remote Control
Mounting Location
Ceiling Mounted
Opener Type
Belt Drive,Smart
Power Options
Product Type
With Battery Backup
Product Weight (lb.)
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Works With
Alexa, Google, Proprietary App

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year Accessories/Electronics 5 years Parts Lifetime Motor, Belt & LED Lights

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This unit is by far the best above all others I've seen, used or researched. Mighty Mule makes he...
This unit is by far the best above all others I've seen, used or researched. Mighty Mule makes heavy duty, professional grade gate openers and garage door units. It is quiet, powerful, has great lighting that can be dimmed up or down as needed which is a bonus. Also, once the light goes out, it won't turn back on by the door safety sensors like the other units, which I prefer. The light can be turned on and will stay on until switched off, when you need. The instructions were spot on even though I did call for customer support to set the limits and make sure I got it right. Support was very courteous, professional, knowledgeable, spoke Clearly and Understood me..hint hint.. and walked me through all steps to get it right and gave further advice along with inviting me to call any time I needed assistance. (no long hold time either) The big plus, thus far, has been the Mighty Mule app for our cell phones, which I wasn't sure how it would work or if I would be able to set it up to use. It paired to our WiFi through the cell phone app and set up for it was very easy and it's fun to show others, especially through our camera system, how it operates using my smart phone and watch it operate on our security video, lol. You get notifications, which you can choose, any time the door is opened or closed, by remote or supplied keypad and you can set different key pad codes for each household member so you know who is entering, such as kids or parents. It will signify in the app when the back up battery is charging, which is only momentary when first opening/closing as the light dims a little for a few seconds at times. The back up battery already came in handy once as we had a power outage during a storm and my wife was happy she could still open the door and get in to lighted garage. I got a big hug for spending the extra which she wasn't sure about initially. Also, I know if the door is still open from alerts and can close it from my cell phone as well as turn the light on and off and dim it up or down too. I can set it to open and close when I'm within our WiFi area, just read through the instructions clearly laid out on the app, It's easy too. Separate codes for different members of the household and temporary guests can be added for outdoor keypad, supplied. We have a household camera system, with one in the garage which is an added bonus, that is for another review. This unit was easier to install than I thought and came with everything needed, except for our garage ceiling which is higher than most. I had anticipated this and attained additional longer railings which I used in conjunction with the supplied items which are sturdy and professional looking. Even the box it came in was heavy duty and the packaging was very well thought out, impressive. Overall, it's been worth telling others about, if and when they are considering, and I'm glad I held out and chose this unit as I'm sure you will too. I'm not affiliated nor paid to write this, just glad to have a product that delivers and a company that stands by it which is hard to come by these days. Also, everyone does complement the look and are blown away at the features it offers within it's price point. You only by a garage door opener once, typically when you live in a home, I figured why not spend a little extra and get everything I could want and then some from a reputable company with strong reviews. Check out their website, as I did first, it has an array of information that is valuable in identifying this unit to fit my needs. I'm glad I was able to use my Home Depot card, using the no interest financing for 12 months as bought a few other items and was able to purchase their warranty on top of Mighty Mules, as I always do when making larger purchases on items, yet I doubt this will ever give any issues. Kudos Mighty Mule and thanks for engineering such an awesome unit, providing top notch support and an excellent website for any additional needs or upgrades for gates. I hope this helps all who have been researching to find the right unit. By installing myself, I spent what would have went to someone else, who may or not have done it 100%, on a much better product. It took around 4 hrs or so and that was taking time, and getting everything the way it needed to be. I gathered all the extra items needed before ever getting started, like plastic conduit to put around the wires coming out from the ceiling and I also put a surge protector at the plug that has a light to let me know if it has absorbed an electrical surge to further protect the units circuity which is leading cause, besides moisture, of failed circuit boards.
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This is a great garage door opener. Worth the extra price for the upgraded model as it comes wit...
This is a great garage door opener. Worth the extra price for the upgraded model as it comes with the backup battery, extra LED lights, security coded keypad, and smartphone app. Super quiet belt drive. I can't tell when the wife leaves the house at 5a in the morning and sometimes oversleep! Best part I like is the smartphone app. you don't need to pay a subscription fee like some other products. Thought I'd be annoyed to see all the activities updating on it but find it useful to know. Especially that I can tell if I left the door open or I need to open or close the door when I'm away from home. It's an intermediate project to do it yourself. I took about 10 hours taking attention to running the wires inside the walls and through the attic. If you can get some help, it will definitely cut your time more than half. What I didn't like was the angle iron mounting hardware that came with it. It's too narrow and you can barely fit a socket or box wrench to tighten up the nuts and bolts. The installation manual did caution that there may not be enough angle iron pieces in the supplied kit. If you are replacing an existing garage door opener, be sure to save the mounting hardware as you'll likely want to use them over what this came with. Another small issue I had was with the wall button mounting screws. There's one that can be tightened from the front of the unit but the other needs the screw head to slide over. This makes the button difficult to sit flush to the wall if using the plastic anchors provided. The other problem with this wall button is that there's no adjustment space in the mounting holes to allow you to adjust the angle if the anchors screws in the wall did not line up perfectly straight up and down. The end result is a crooked wall button installation. I ended up cutting a whole in the drywall and using a low voltage "mud ring" bracket. That bracket allowed me to adjust the angle of the installed button so it fits perfectly straight up and down as well as set the mounting screw head low enough for a flush to the wall fit. The negatives do not outweigh the positives. I enjoy opening my garage door every day now that I have this installed. Thanks Home Depot for selling me this great product!
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It was very easy to install. Even the Wi-Fi part of it was extremely easy. I can see why all of t...
It was very easy to install. Even the Wi-Fi part of it was extremely easy. I can see why all of the reviews were so good. This thing is extremely quiet.
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This review is for the Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener, Model # MM9545 with LED lighting and belt...
This review is for the Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener, Model # MM9545 with LED lighting and belt drive. I've installed a few garage door openers over the years and I have to submit that the Mighty Mule came with the best instructions and diagrams. This unit was exceptionally well packaged, all components separately bagged and labeled. Laying out of parts in the order of installation was easy. Putting together the rail and attaching the drive motor was easy. I suppose this could be two person project, but I easily did it all by myself with no issues. Don' let this intimidate you, this project isn't that hard at all. Once the rail is connected to the header above the door, you rest the rail/motor assembly atop the garage door while it stays open (use vice grips on the rail to hold the door up), You will need a stud finder to locate your joist. I attached a sturdy length of angle iron (purchased separately for a finished ceiling) and bolted it into the ceiling joists with 1 1/2 inch lag screws. Then using the provided angle iron will allow you to easily attach the drive motor to the ceiling bracket. Most garages will come pre-wired with a plug in box installed in the appropriate location by the opener motor. Installation and alignment of the the photo beams to each side of the bottom of the door took minutes. Once wired to power, they immediately aligned with each and worked perfectly. I took my time in installing the wiring for the photo beams and the power line to the wall control unit so that the finished product look like a professional install, and realistically, this install was far better than the one I paid to have done on my other garage door. Programming of the two vehicle remote controls was straight forward and took for both 30 seconds. The same applies to the wall mounted wireless remote. Pick a code you'll remember, punch it in per instructions, and it connects to your opener immediately. This is a very well made garage door opener with quality parts and components. It's far superior to my other opener, the big name brand that I was told was the "best". If may have been the best 4 years ago, but this Mighty Mule is a far superior product. It's also a very quiet opener. We love the LED lights, they go from very bright to a nice glow, though I'm not sure you'll need that ambiance in your garage, but to each their own. There are only two points that I need to bring up. First is the wifi connection. The instructions do state that you will require a very strong wifi signal for the connection to work, I'm assuming the wifi receiver in the wall control isn't that sensitive. I get two bars on my smart phone in the garage, but I could not get the wifi connection to link up. I should also note that my wifi modem is upstairs and several walls away from this wall mount. I'm fine with that and I would have gotten this model even without the wifi option. The second point is one issue in the instructions. My side garage door did not have an opener installed on it, only my double door garage did. Having said that, these garage doors have a manual handle with wire that locks the door closed since there is not a garage door opener installed to hold the door down. BEFORE you start setting the UP and DOWN travel limits, which is the first time you will move the door using the motor, MAKE SURE you disable or remove the lock handle on the door so the door can more freely. This point is not mentioned in the instructions. At the end of the day, I would highly recommend this Mighty Mule garage door opener over many brands. Don't always believe what the garage door opener installer is telling you, this is a better product. This is a well made well designed product made with quality parts, KUDO's to the people at Mighty Mule for making a nice product that should last for years and years.
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Mighty Mule MM9545M This is a Smart Garage door opener. with smarts in the form of Wi-Fi connec...
Mighty Mule MM9545M This is a Smart Garage door opener. with smarts in the form of Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use your smart phone and some home assistants and automation systems to control the operation while local or remote to the opener. I have had 2 previous openers of the Craftsman chain drive variety and this one far surpasses those in many ways. The motor drive / control unit is well packed with recycled cardboard inner support. The center rail is shipped as 4 pieces in a box. The steel reinforced drive belt is in yet another cardboard box. All the hardware required for assembling the system are sealed in poly bags and labeled according to their respective manual sections. Everything is contained in a double walled cardboard box .Instructions are given in both English and French with generous graphic representations. The "Quick Look" guide is redundant in my opinion but I suppose you can give it the once over while relaxing before starting assembly with the real manual. The first step was to assemble the 4 sections of the main rail. Identifying the 2 end pieces was a quick task after using small comments on the drawings. When assembling the drive sprocket to the rail you have to apply grease to a plastic clamp. I wonder about the longevity of the plastic with a metal sprocket rubbing against it. I think a sintered sleeve bushing would have been a better choice. Putting on the drive belt was simple due to excellent directions and pictures. One omission was the directions never said when to engage the traveler/tensioner to the trolley. I ended up doing it when attaching the arm to the door bracket as that is when it showed the 2 pieces together on the drawing. Installing the photo beam sensor assembly was easy enough but it would have been nice to have another strip of the staples. I used them sparingly and still need more. I was a little disappointed that I had to drill holes to mount the sensors. The Craftsman system used friction clamps that mounted on the door track. Take note of the lower hole on the wall station being slotted. Do not try and remove the front like I did. The directions and the drawing do not provide any guidance on installing the lower screw first and driving it almost all the way in and then slide the control on to mark the hole for the upper screw. I suppose you are to infer doing it in that method as the drawing shows the upper screw passing through the piece and the lower screw is just floating behind the station. Installing the backup battery requires you to remove the plastic shell by loosening 4 screws on removing the plastic housing. I am going to add some flat washers because, in my opinion the screws should have larger heads or washers. I think the housing may crack due to thermal cycling or from overzealous tightening. Make sure you have a power outlet within 24 inches of the drive unit as the cord is only 34" long. My Craftsman operator that I was replacing had a 45" cord so I had to use a 1-foot extension cord to reach the outlet. I installed the Android version of the app on my phone running Lollipop 5.0.1. The Wi-Fi setup and the new account creation was fairly easy, however the app crashed on the first attempt to run it. After the initial crash things worked well and I received push notifications when I operated the door via the app. The notification informed me of the action taken, who initiated the action and a time-stamp. You can even invite others with smartphones to operate the opener with various permission levels. Programming the small remote was very easy and I was able to close the door. However, when I tried to open the door using the remote the system beeped five times and flashed the LED panel light. A quick check of the manual indicated that means it was in vacation mode. A simple push of a button on the wall station remedied the fault and turned off vacation mode. I do not remember setting this mode but maybe it defaulted to this during the first power up. I did not install the battery keypad yet. This keypad allows you to provide separate codes for people that may need to access your garage while you are away. Another issue I had was the curved arm for the door has a shallower angle than the Craftsman system had and hence it rubs the 3" reinforcing bar on the 16 -foot steel Wayne-Dalton garage door I have. If you have a garage door with a 3” upper reinforcing bar you may have a similar issue.- In summary, I am extremely pleased with the features and how quiet the system is. Having LED lights that dim, backup battery, and Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphone app are features that most everyone will appreciate. In my opinion, a few instruction omissions and strange design decisions keep this from being perfect. I estimate it would take most people between 2 to 3 hours to assemble install, and program.
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Excellent. Very happy. Easy to install...
Excellent. Very happy. Easy to install
Response from MightyMuleSupportOct 8, 2020
Micheal, We at Mighty Mule appreciate your rating and review. Thank you for being a Mighty Mule customer.
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Crappy product. Horrible app. Dismal customer service.
Crappy product. Horrible app. Dismal customer service. Open garage door in middle of the night due to faulty wall unit. App takes 2-4 mins to resolve username/password to log in. Then takes another 2-4 mins to load devices so you can access them. Open door shows closed and vice versa on the app. If wifi disconnects, have to reset and delete opener from app a d start all over again. And then app takes 10-20-40 attempts to connect wall unit to wifi. Pathetic! x infinity..
Response from MightyMuleSupportOct 5, 2020
MC45, We at Mighty Mule appreciate your comments. Sounds like a few things maybe happening. First, delete the app and reboot your phone. Download the App again. There could be some interference. Secondly, be sure to follow the in-line 'How to" videos available on Mighty Mule.com. We have great video called "Mighty Mule App IOS add device" or if you have an Android please follow instruction "Mighty Mule App Android add device". Also, we are here to help, please contact our Tech Dept at 1-800-543-1236 M-F 8am-7pm EST. Thank you
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    Door won’t close
    We have had this About a year. 5 months ago In the middle of the a COVID shelter at home stuff, it started to not close all the way. First it was only two inches. Gradually, more and more. Now it is about two feet. My husband has checked the rails of our door and the wheels of our doorTo make sure no obstacles and the wheels are rolling correctly. He has checked the spring setting. Tightened the bolts of the rail. Nothing is blocking the closing if it. We push Button to close the door and it stops about two feet from the ground. We push the button to open it again. Then Push to stop it and then Push to shut it again and it goes down to the ground.Does not matter if we use a remote, the wall button, or the programmed set button in my Vehicle.... We bought it for the ability to Make sure door is shut and to open remotely. But it is about One weekend from being taken down and returned. We have a commitment this coming weekend or else it would be coming down in two days.... Another issue that occurred from Day 1 is that when the sun sun shines in the light sensor, the door wont close. You have to get out and block the sunshine to the sensor... we called the company and their response was basically that is what happens and deal with it. Not happy with this product at all...
    Response from MightyMuleSupportAug 13, 2020
    Carla Cardinal, We at Mighty Mule are very sorry for this inconvenience. Several things maybe causing this issue. 1. Safety Sensor 2. Sensor misalignment 3. Door misalignment 3. Worn or damaged cables 4. Default setting on opener needs adjustment 5. Track could be bent or warped. I highly recommend you call our Tech Team at 1-800-543-1236 M-F 8am-7pm EST they can troubleshoot the issue with you before you take the trouble of replacing. Again very sorry about the trouble but please call they will be happy to help.
      works just fine no problems at as of now
      works just fine no problems at as of now
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      This opener works great. It's well made and extremely quiet. I was only going to give it 4 stars ...
      This opener works great. It's well made and extremely quiet. I was only going to give it 4 stars because the power cord is extremely short but decided even with that the rest of it is so nice it still deserves 5 stars. If your outlet isn't pretty much directly over the opener plan on running a short extension to plug it in. I used the battery backup to open and close it until I got the extension and it's definitely a nice feature if for whatever reason you lose power. It programmed to both of our vehicles Homelink systems with no issues. The phone app is a little tricky to install but works well once you figure it out. It's nice to be able to control the opener when you aren't home and also be able to make sure you didn't forget to close it when you are already driving down the road and have that "did I forget to close the garage door?" Feeling.
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