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KitchenAid Food Processor

A food processor can slice, shred and chop ingredients for your favorite recipes, elevating the quality of your home-cooked meals and saving time. Here’s how to choose a KitchenAid food processor for simple and tasty food prep.

Food Processors vs. Blenders 

If you’re weighing the choice of a blender versus food processor for your kitchen, consider the differences between the mixing bowl and blades each one uses. A blender is cylindrical with small blades best for pureeing or mixing beverages, like iced smoothies. Meanwhile, food processors are food slicers and food choppers, used for more heavy-duty tasks.

While processors are best for slicing, chopping and shredding vegetables, they can also mix dough or grind breadcrumbs. They often come with a variety of shaped blades for different uses, like shredding and making julienne cuts.

KitchenAid Food Processor Features 

Look for the following features in KitchenAid food processor models to find one that fits your needs. 

● Bowl Size. A mini food processor is designed for single or double servings and has a 3- or 4-cup work bowl. Larger processors can hold between 7 and 14 cups. Consider the volume of ingredients in your favorite recipes and choose one that can accommodate them. At the same time, keep in mind that a larger unit takes up more storage and counter space.
● Blades. Smaller food processing units typically come with one blade, while larger ones include multiple adjustable blades. These allow for more precision in your meal prep. The KitchenAid ExactSlice Food Processor includes a reversible shredding disc for items like cheese and coleslaw. It also has a multipurpose blade for chopping and pureeing, and a dough blade for cookies and breads.

Much like the popular KitchenAid mixers, you can choose a food processor model and style that fits with your kitchen’s motif. A sleek chrome or black food processor will mesh with any style. For a modern twist and a fun pop of color, go for a red food processor. KitchenAid Mini Food Processors also come in bright accent colors like boysenberry, ice blue and pink.

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