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Don’t forget packing supplies when planning your move. We carry everything from packing tape and mattress bags to bubble wrap and moving blankets to make your move worry free.

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Moving Supplies for Every Size Move

Moving can be overwhelming, challenging and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to a successful move is preparation. The Home Depot is here to help you save money and make a smarter move. Whether you’re planning a big move or small move, it’s a good idea to think ahead. 

Small Moving Boxes, Large Moving Boxes & More­ 
The size of your move will determine what moving supplies you will need. We carry a wide variety of moving boxes, including TV moving boxes, file boxes, mirror boxes, picture boxes, wardrobe boxes, dish packing boxes and heavy duty boxes. If you need some help preparing for your move, take a look at our packing tips for moving and our moving checklist.

We also have an apartment moving checklist and a guide for moving across the country.

Moving Calculator & Packing Supplies­   
You’ll need packing and moving supplies with any move. Pack and protect your belongings like a pro with The Home Depot moving calculator. Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, you can use the calculator to determine all the moving supplies you’ll need – no more repeat shopping trips to prepare for your move. Simply enter how many rooms and closets you’re moving, the number of flat screen TVs you’re packing, and other important details into the calculator to quickly create a moving estimate. From boxes to bubble wrap, our moving calculator will generate a personalized list of moving supplies you’ll need to safely transport your belongings to your new home.

The Home Depot also carries bubble wrap rolls, packing paper and packing foam, plastic strapping and strapping tools, moving blankets, packing tape, packing tape dispensers and stretch wrap. No need to worry about protecting your mattresses either. We’ve got you covered. We have king size mattress bags, queen mattress bags and vacuum mattress bags.

Moving Truck Rental & Tools­
Once your moving checklist is complete, you can add the recommended moving supplies directly to your online shopping cart for in-store pickup or home delivery. The Home Depot also offers moving truck rentals and dolly rentals. For more moving tips and exclusive discounts and coupons, sign up for our newsletter. You’ll be planning your stress-free move in no time with moving supplies from The Home Depot.