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Sturdy, heavy-weight cardboard boxes available in four common sizes:

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Keep your clothes clean and protected throughout the move.

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Great for moving bulkier items into your home or truck with ease.

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Let lightweight hand trucks do all of your heavy lifting.

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Stack and secure more boxes at once and make fewer trips to your new house.

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Save your back and prevent damage to heavier items with ergonomic straps.

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Make your move in just one load with the right truck.

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Moving up or down, we have the equipment for whatever you are hauling.

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Professional cleaning to make your place move-in ready.

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Get a some dependable help for all your heavy lifting.

Pack Smarter, Move Easier

Relocating can be challenging and costly, but we are here to help you save money and make a smarter move. Start by reviewing our moving checklist and packing tips for moving guides. Then purchase the must-have shipping supplies to protect your belongings during the move. These packing materials and mover's supplies should include: shipping boxes, file boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, packing tape, bubble wrap and moving pads. Next you'll want to check out moving truck rental and the equipment needed to help everything go as smoothly as possible. The Home Depot has a huge selection of moving equipment, from small hand trucks to large appliances dollies and furniture dollies. If you need a little more hauling capacity, we have solid-wall and lawn and garden trailers. Or if you need some help lifting but don't want to make an investment, try our heavy-duty pallet jack rentals and dolly rentals. Make your next move, your best with our selection and help of The Home Depot. 


Protect your mattress and box spring when you Protect your mattress and box spring when you move with this set of two polyethylene mattress storage bags. These mattress bags are completely waterproof and dust-resistant ensuring that your mattress will stay dry and clean through the moving process. Fold extra plastic and secure with packing tape for customized fit. ...  More + Product Details Close
Gain peace-of-mind and protection with Bubble Cushion from Gain peace-of-mind and protection with Bubble Cushion from The Home Depot. Moving is a huge task protect your fragile items and valuables during storage and shipping. 100% recyclable and perforated ever 12 inches to make tearing easy. Pair with the 24 in. x 24 in. Packing Paper (sold separately) for ...  More + Product Details Close
The Stalwart Wheeled Dolly helps you get tough The Stalwart Wheeled Dolly helps you get tough jobs done quickly and with ease. This rolling dolly is ideal for moving furniture appliances equipment and boxes at work or at home. This sturdy mover can handle more than enough and the non-slip pads help keep your valuables from moving or ...  More + Product Details Close
This Pratt Retail Specialties Kitchen Moving Kit is This Pratt Retail Specialties Kitchen Moving Kit is perfect for packing up a medium to large kitchen in your house or apartment. This kit includes various boxes packing material for glasses and dishes tape and a marker. The Kitchen Kit ships to your door in a heavy duty over pack ...  More + Product Details Close