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Smart TVs

Our lives are more connected than ever thanks to innovation in handheld devices, computers and even your TV. Browse our smart TV sets to watch your favorite shows and surf the internet from the same system. 
How Do Smart TVs Work? 

A smart television connects to the internet through a network cable or built-in Wi-Fi, a feature that many sets include. This allows you to access streaming media, apps, the web, games and more. If you plan to stream videos or movies, make sure your wireless signal is strong enough. You can also sync with other devices using HDMI or Bluetooth to mirror what’s on your smartphone or laptop. 
What’s the Best Smart TV? 

Connected TVs come in a range of sizes and have varied features. Samsung’s work with up to 12 devices and offer an Eco Sensor that saves energy as it adapts to your screen’s brightness. You can get a small TV, a medium-sized 32-inch or go big with a 75-inch set. VIZIO’s 4K display provides the sharpest image possible and multi-screen viewing. Insert a USB stick into the port of one of RCA’s models to show friends and family photos, listen to music or catch a flick. 

To mount your streaming TV on the wall, follow the instructions that come with your set. Most will tell you to attach the bracket to the wall studs, lock in the mounting arms and secure your television. To clean up the look of dangling wires, learn how to install audio and video cables behind walls.

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