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Smart Electronics

Transform your life with the latest smart home technology. Smart toys like VR mobile headsets are perfect for tech-savvy gamers, while NFC speakers and Home Bluetooth speakers are great ideas for electronic gifts.

Smart Toys

There are smart toys for everyone in the family. A kid-friendly smart watch with a built-in camera and educational games is a great choice for kids on the go. Adult techies will appreciate drones with built-in WiFi cameras that can be controlled from up to 450 feet away. The gamers in your life will love virtual reality 3D mobile headsets, while adventurers may appreciate a waterproof action camera with HD video and bracket-mounting capabilities

Bluetooth Devices

Portable Bluetooth speaker systems are perfect for relaxing in your home or taking almost anywhere you want to enjoy music.

• Bluetooth Home Speakers - Bluetooth sound systems include a remote, FM radio and CD player. Play music from the ceiling with dimmable smart LED light bulbs for discreet Bluetooth playback. Bluetooth HDMI speakers are party starters that include a karaoke machine and a CD/DVD projector.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Whether you’re getting ready for the big game or doing work in the yard, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for on-the-go. Get ready for any sporting event or concert with tailgate Bluetooth loudspeakers. Enjoy relaxing outdoors or include some background tunes while getting your yard in order with a variety of indoor-outdoor Bluetooth speaker options. These make excellent smart gifts, and come in packages of two to five speakers. They’re also water resistant, have a rechargeable battery and offer up to 150-feet of range between speakers.

• Bathroom Bluetooth Speakers - Enjoy your favorite music each morning with bathroom Bluetooth speakers. Combine convenience with utility by installing a powerful exhaust fan equipped with Bluetooth speakers that feature a 30-foot of range and a remote. Or try a shower kit for a standard showerhead or two-piece rain head and hand shower combo with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. There’s even medicine cabinets with Bluetooth speakers. These cabinets include three adjustable glass shelves, rechargeable stereo speakers and instant connectivity for up to 30 feet away. If you’ve got all the storage you need, an LED wall mirror can be a great complement to your sink with a built-in anti-fog pad, lighted touch sensor buttons and microphone speakers to make and take calls.

• Jobsite Bluetooth Speakers - These speakers are built to endure more rugged conditions. Their weather-resistant construction protects them from dust and other elements found on the job. Closer to home, listen to your music while working in your garage or shed by installing a shop light with a Bluetooth speaker built-in. Some of these devices include USB charging ports and limited lifetime service agreements.

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