How to Build DIY Harvest Yard Signs

Create these simple DIY signs to decorate your home for fall

Under 2 hours

Celebrate the harvest season and flex your DIY muscles with some simple lawn décor. This guide will teach you how to create a sign you can paint and light up to make any fall design you like. Get creative! We’ve chosen to paint a candy corn and a ghost, but this shape is ideal for other fall designs such as acorns and, with a little tweaking, a football!

What You Need

measure and mark
measure and mark

Measure and mark cuts on the plywood according to the below cut list.

• To get a symmetrical shape, fold a large sheet of paper in half and draw half of the shape along the fold (draw so your shape is 8 inches wide and 21 inches tall along fold).
• Cut out the shape and unfold to create template (shape should now be 16 x 21 inches).
• Trace template onto plywood.

Sign Shape Diagram

• Follow your markings with a jig saw to make curved cuts on the plywood.
• Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

paint or stain
paint or stain

• Paint or stain all cut pieces prior to assembly.

attach stake
Attach stake

• Center a stake on the bottom of your cutout so that the pointed side of the stake is hanging off the edge.
• Secure the stake using 1 ¼-inch wood screws.

Drill holes for lights
Drill holes for lights

• Carefully drill multiple holes where you would like lights to poke through the plywood.
• Place lights through the plywood from the back side.