Living Room & Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Intimate Bedroom Lighting

Mood lighting

Cozy illumination for intimate 

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Lighting for private, intimate spaces in your home like the bedroom or living room needs to be flattering as well as functional. Set the appropriate tone for reading, relaxing or conversing with an alluring selection of living room and bedroom lighting fixtures.

Ceiling Fans

Add comfort and ambiance with fan and light combos.


Statement fixtures to set the mood & style of a room.


Bring some drama and style to your bedroom.

Lamps & Shades

Task and accent lighting to improve your bedside manner.


Read or relax with cozy lighting that has decorative appeal.

Recessed Lighting

Sleek, unobtrusive and ideal for highlighting artwork or unique architectural elements.

Ceiling Lights

Easy attractive lighting that mounts flush or close to the ceiling.

What to


for your living room


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Consider fireplace

Use lighting to highlight a room’s unique focal points.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting makes tight spaces like closets more functional.

Consider dimmers

Install a dimmer with overhead fixtures to help reduce glare on the TV screen.

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