Creative Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights

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Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Lights

Try using different varieties of Christmas lights – including string, icicle, net, novelty, rope and mini lights – to fashion unique decorations for your home.

This guide will show you a few ideas using common Christmas lights.

Build wooden box Christmas presents
Build wooden box presents - Decorate With Christmas Lights

• Build boxes of different sizes made from wood.
• Cover them with a holiday-themed fabric that allows the light to shine out and fill with Christmas lights.

Decorate your stairs and columns
Decorate your stairs columns - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Wrap your stairs, posts or columns with lights in between strands of garland.

Brighten your mantel
Brighten your mantel - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Decorate your mantel with Christmas lights and garland.

Hang lights vertically
Hang lights vertically - Decorate With Christmas Lights

• Change things up by hanging strings of lights or lighted ornaments vertically from your roof along your porch or in trees.
• Wrap your chandelier or light fixture with Christmas lights and flowers.

Set up an alternative outdoor tree
Set alternative outdoor tree - Decorate With Christmas Lights

• Wrap Christmas lights around the anchor arms of an 8-foot wooden pole.
• Start at the top of each arm and run Christmas lights all the way down to the bottom.

Use multicolored Christmas lights
Use multicolored Christmas lights - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Use color-changing or twinkling Christmas lights instead of solid color lights to enhance your holiday décor.

Create a heavenly constellation
Create heavenly constellation - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Install net lights flat and fastened on a wall to give the appearance of a constellation at night.

Add battery-operated thin-wire Christmas lights
Add battery wire Christmas lights - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Place battery-operated thin wire Christmas lights inside a small jar or vase. You can also use lanterns, wine bottles, beer bottles and mason jars. These are great for areas with no electrical outlets nearby.

Use multifunctional exterior lights
Use multifunctional exterior lights - Decorate With Christmas Lights

Plan where to place your existing exterior lights and lawn decorations. Then, mix things up a bit by using lights that have a dimming, chasing or color-changing effect to add your own personal twist.