How to Frame a Pre-Hung Interior Door

1-2 hours

Make sure your door opening reinforces the wall above and on both sides of the door. Here’s how.

Pre-Hung Interior Door

If you’re building a new partition wall that includes an interior door, you’ll need to frame the door opening properly. Save yourself the loss of time and money by purchasing the pre-hung door you want to install before you begin framing. That way, you can be sure the opening is wide enough.

This guide will show you how to frame a pre-hung interior door.


Nail top plate
Nailtop plate - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• On the ceiling, snap a chalk line to indicate where the top plate of the new wall will be installed.
• Cut the material for the top plate to length.
• Nail the top plate through the ceiling into the ceiling joists or blocking.

Mark and nail sole plate
Mark and nail sole plate - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Mark the floor where the sole plate will be installed with a plumb bob.
• Nail the sole plate to the floor by driving the nails into the floor joists or blocking.
• Don’t nail the sole plate to the floor between the jack stud locations because this portion of the plate will be removed before the door is installed.

Cut and attach king studs
Cut attach king studs - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Measure and cut king studs.
• Position them at the markings.
• Drive nails at a 45-degree angle to make a toenailed joint, or attach the studs with metal connectors.

Mark and cut jack studs
Markand cut jack studs - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Measure the length of the jack studs to 80 7/8 inches.
• Mark and cut them to size.

Construct header
Constructheader - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Make a header by fitting two 2 x 4s around a ½ inch piece of plywood.
• Cut the header to fit between the king studs.
• Install a cripple stud between the header and the top plate, halfway between the king studs.
• Toenail the cripple stud to the top plate and the side of the header.

Nail jack studs into place
Nailjack studs place - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Position the jack studs against the inside of the king studs and nail them into place.
• Nail through the king studs into the header.

Cut portion of sole plate
Cutportion sole plate - Pre-Hung Interior Door

• Saw through the 2 x 4 sole plate at the inside edges of the jack studs.
• Remove the cut portion of the plate.