How to Build a Crate End Table

How to Build a Crate End Table

2-4 hours
Crate End Table

What You Need

Measure and mark
Measure and Mark

Measure and mark the plywood and PVC pipe according to the below cut list.

On the 2- x 2-foot plywood: 

• 9 ½- x 18-inch board On the ¾-inch PVC pipe: 
• Three 10 ½-inch legs 
• Two 6-inch supports

Plywood cut diagram
PVC cut diagram
make the cuts
make the cuts

• Use a circular saw to make the cuts you just marked on the plywood. 
• Use a ratcheting PVC cutter or hacksaw to make the marked cuts on the PVC pipe. 
• Smooth any rough edges using a sanding block.

drill holes for attaching legs
Drill holes for attaching legs

• Mark 1-inch in from each side and make a mark in each corner of the plywood.
• Carefully drill a hole on each mark using a 1-inch spade bit.

paint or stain

• Paint or stain the wood crate and plywood.
• Allow to fully dry.

drill holes and mount board to crate
drill holes and mount board

• Mark holes 3/8-inch in on the short side of the plywood and 3 ½-inch in from each side. 
• Using the 1/8-inch drill bit, pre-drill the holes before assembling. 
• Place the plywood on one side of the crate and secure using 2-inch wood screws.’

attach PVC adapters
attach PVC adapters

• Paint the PVC adapters and allow to fully dry. 
• Apply adhesive on the pipe threads and inside the 1-inch holes you drilled. 
• Push and twist the male adapters into place.

assemble legs and attach
assemble legs and attach

• Build two “U” shapes with PVC pipes: place the 6-inch pieces between two elbows and attach two 10 ½-inch pieces into each remaining elbow hole. 
• Glue each joint. 
• Glue the 10 ½-inch pipes into the mounted male adapters.