How to Build a Shed

Build a DIY shed to increase storage in your yard with a resin shed kit

2-4 hours

Building a shed in your own yard can instantly increase storage space for your outdoor tools and give you a workspace for more DIY projects. When you build a shed using a shed kit, all of the pieces are conveniently provided for you. For this project, we used the Keter Stronghold Resin Shed Kit, but there are many kits available for other types of sheds, including those made of metal, wood and resin. Assembly instructions will vary by kit, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

Tip: Before you begin, pour a concrete slab or build a wooden foundation slightly larger than the shed’s base will be upon completion. Use a level to check that it’s completely flat before building to ensure your shed is stable. If your foundation is concrete, allow to completely dry according to manufacturer’s instructions. 

Safety: Have a friend help you assemble your shed – many steps will require assistance lifting and holding parts steady.

What You Need



Sort the parts
Sort the Parts

Unpack the kit and check the contents to make sure you have all the pieces listed in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Assemble the floor
Assemble the floor

• Connect two floor panels according to the instructions to form the back portion of the floor.
• Connect two panels to form the middle portion of the floor, then connect to the back portion by tilting at a 45-degree angle.
• Repeat this for the front two panels.
• Anchor the floor to the foundation using screws per manufacturer’s instructions.

Assemble the first wall
Assemble the first wall

Tip: Follow assembly instructions to identify which panels make up the first wall. Panels are typically stamped with an identification on the interior side.

• Starting at what will be the front of the shed, install the first panel at the front edge of one side.
• This first wall panel can be anchored to the floor using the included plastic screws. Have your helper hold the panel in place as you screw it in.
• Slide the second wall panel into position alongside the first and snap into place. Screw into the floor with the plastic screws.
• Repeat with the third wall panel to complete the first wall.
• Hold the first complete wall in position until the first corner is installed.

Assemble the first corner
Assemble the first corner

Tip: Hold the first complete wall in position until the first corner is installed.

• Anchor the first back panel to the floor assembly using screws, then stabilize the corner using corner locks.
• Align the corner inserts with the corner holes and pull to lock into position.
• The first wall should now be stable enough to stand on its own.

Install the remaining panels
Install the remaining panels

• Continue installing wall panels, repeating the process of clicking each panel into the previous panel, then screwing into the floor to secure.
• Remember to add corner locks at each corner.

Install shelf supports
Install shelf supports

• Before installing, attach gutter wall connectors to the top of each support. These will be used to secure the roof assembly to the tops of the wall panels.
• Screw the shelf supports in at the pre-drilled holes along the side shed walls. Install the supports loosely on both sides of the two window panels.
• For the three shelf supports on the back wall, attach the left and right supports in the same way you did the side supports, but they will not have attached gutter connectors.
• Before installing the center support, attach the extender so it rises above the back wall. The extender will secure the roof gable.

Assemble the roof frame
Assemble the roof frame

• The roof frame will consist of two joined trusses.
• Assemble according to manufacturer’s instructions.
• Once the trusses completed, they are tied together with roof supports, creating a single one-piece frame.
• Attach the skylight onto the top of the frame.
• Place the roof frame into position on top of the side walls.
• While your assistant holds the frame in place, fasten the roof frame to the gutter connectors using hex bolts.

Attach the gables
Attach the gables

• Snap all the pieces together to make each gable.
• One gable will be installed on the back wall. Slide the back wall center extender through the hole in the gable and rest the gable on the wall.
• The front gable can then be snapped to the top of the two wall panels on each side of the door opening.
• Snap the sky light over the peaks of both gables.
• Secure the gables to the wall with plastic screws.
• Stabilize the structure by Installing additional support beams, a horizontal support for the front gable, and right and left roof supports, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Tip: If the pieces are too snug to slide together easily, spray with a little soapy water to lubricate.

Assemble the roof
Assemble the roof

• Each of the six roof panels will slide into the tracks on the roof supports and snap into position on the skylight.
• Align the snaps on each panel before applying pressure.
• Repeat with each roof panel to complete the roof assembly.

Assemble the door
Assemble the door

• Snap the three hinges into place and secure with screws.
• Align the handles on each door and connecting with screws.
• Attach the doors to the shed frame with two screws at each hinge.
• Attach the door latches to the interior edges at the top and bottom of each door.
• Test the doors to ensure they easily open and latch closed.