How to Install a Motion Sensor Light

1-2 hours

Add safety & security to your home with an outdoor motion sensor light

Install a Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights are perfect to light the way when you return home late at night or to discourage potential intruders. If you have an existing floodlight, they are especially easy to install. This guide will teach you how to install a motion sensor light.



Shut off the power
Shut off power - Install Motion Sensor Light

Shut off the power at the service panel and remove the existing floodlight. Run the wires through the rubber gasket and splice them with wire nuts. While mounting the light to the box, position the gasket so it will keep the box dry.

Add the motion sensor and restore power
Add motion sensor restore power  - Install Motion Sensor Light

Restore power and then loosen the locknuts and twist the light until it is directed where you want it. Tighten the locknuts. At night, turn the light on permanently by flipping the wall switch off and on again. Aim the lights and tighten the nuts to hold them in place.

Activate your motion sensor
Activate motion sensor - Install Motion Sensor Light

Activate the motion sensor using the manufacturer’s instructions and choose how long you want the light to stay on. Test the sensitivity of the sensor by walking around it. Adjust if necessary.