How To Install a Shower Pan


To ensure your shower is water-tight, whether it’s a new installation or you’re looking to upgrade your current shower, consider a new shower pan. This guide shows you how to install one, including floor prep and drain assembly.

Test-fit the shower pan
Test-fit shower pan - Install Shower Pan

• Make sure the floor is level and clean.
• Test-fit the shower pan to confirm the drain opening fits over the drain in the floor.

Attach the flange to the drain pipe
Attach flange drain pipe - Install Shower Pan

• Test-fit the drain flange, or outer lip, to ensure it fits flush with the shower base.
• If necessary, add extension to the drain pipe.
• Apply primer and cement to the flange and drain pipe, and attach them to the drain in the floor.
• Allow cement to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Attach gaskets and set the base
Attach gaskets set the base - Install Shower Pan

• Place gaskets on drain flange so they sit between the flange and the bottom of the shower pan.
• Set the base in place over the drain.

Caulk and seal the drain body
Caulk and set drain body - Install Shower Pan

• Caulk the drain flange with silicone.
• Line up holes in the drain body with the screw holes in the flange body.
• Press the drain body firmly into place and attach the drain screen with the screws that came with the assembly.

Pre-drill holes through the shower base rim
Pre-drill holes shower base rim - Install Shower Pan

• Check the rim of the base to be sure it is level.
• Mark the center of each stud on the rim.
• Pre-drill a hole through the rim at each mark.
• Nail the pan to the wall stud with rustproof galvanized nails and shim as necessary to keep the shower base square.
• Test the pan and drain connection for leaks and get an inspection if required.
• Install the walls for your shower (see Installing Shower Walls Direct-to-Stud or Installing Shower Walls Glue-Up