How to Make a Lighted Holiday Sign

1-2 hours

Add some holiday cheer with lights and spray painted boards in this easy project

Making your own holiday lighted marquee is a project that the whole family can do together to brighten up your holiday season. This project guide shows you how.


Cut the plywood backing piece

• Mark and cut a line 18 inches from one end of the plywood, which will make the back piece and piece for your letters.
• Be sure not to cut the table beneath the plywood. Cut on foam or just off the edge of the table.

Mark and cut the letters

• Find the corner points for each letter and trace them onto the plywood.
• Carefully cut out each letter with a jigsaw or Dremel rotary tool. Then, sand the edges smooth.

Tip: You can also paint the letters directly onto the plywood if you would rather not use a saw.

Add the rails

• For the railing, cut the 1 x 2 pine or MDF board to match the top and bottom edges of the back piece.
• Finish the top rail with the nailer or hammer and nails, and repeat for the bottom.
• Then mark, cut and repeat for the two sides.

Paint the back and letters

• Paint the back and letters. We used Behr Premium Plus paint and primer for the back and silver glitter paint for the letters.
• Set the pieces aside to completely dry.

Attach the letters

• Start with the “O.” Center it left and right, top and bottom. Attach it with wood glue and finishing nails.
• Attach the remaining letters in the same manner.

Drill holes in the letters

Drill holes for your lights with the appropriate size drill bit.

Insert the lights

Insert the lights from the back and secure any loose wire with electrical tape.