How to Make a Monogram Garland Wreath

1-2 hours

This DIY wreath will bring a personal touch to the holiday season

If you’re looking for a personalized holiday decoration to place in your home or to give as a gift, this Monogram Garland Wreath is sure to please.

Download a PDF version of this project here




Create your letter

• Decide what letter you want to make. This can be the first letter of the name of a family member or friend, the first letter of a holiday word, or any letter that you like.
• Draw your chosen letter on the half-inch plywood with a pencil. You should try to draw the letter to be about 17 inches tall and 12 inches wide so that the small lines of the letter are not smaller than 3 inches.

Cut out the letter

• Use your jig saw to cut out the letter.
• If you have a letter with a hole in it, like an R, B, D, or A, you’ll want to use the 3/8-inch wood boring bit in the hole first and then finish cutting out the hole with the jig saw.

Sand the edges

Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges and remove any roughness or splinters.

Wrap the letter

Wrap the letter with garland.

Tip: Start on a flat part of the letter so the garland can be tucked under while you wrap the rest of the letter.

Finish and hang

• Use scissors to trim any loose or extra garland.
• Make sure to tuck the end of the garland under a flat part of the letter.