How to Make a Wreath Chandelier

Under 2 hours

Turn Christmas wreaths into a stacked decorative chandelier

Many people hang wreaths on their front doors at Christmas, but have you ever thought about making a chandelier from wreaths?

This guide will teach you how to make a beautiful decoration to help ring in the holidays. Download a PDF version of this Martha Stewart project.


Attach ribbons
Attach ribbons - Make Wreath Chandelier

• Place the wreath face-down on a tabletop.
• Cut two pieces of ribbon to the length at which you want the chandelier to hang.
• Attach one piece of ribbon to the wire wreath form at the 12 o’clock position with a tight double knot.

Pass ribbon through
Pass ribbon through - Make Wreath Chandelier

Pass the other end of the ribbon through the large ring, and then tie a knot directly across from the first knot at the 6 o’clock position on the wire form.

Attach ribbon to wire
Attach ribbon wire - Make Wreath Chandelier

• Attach the second piece of the ribbon to the wire form with a knot at the 9 o’clock position, and then pass the other end through the same large ring.
• Attach to the form at the 3 o’clock position.
• Fluff branches to fill out the wreath shape.

Prepare wires
Prepare wires - Make Wreath Chandelier

• Cut a piece of cardboard to measure 3 inches.
• Wrap 28-gauge wire around the cardboard about 25 times.
• With wire cutters, cut the wrapped wire off the cardboard at one edge. The result should be 25 6-inch pieces.
• Repeat to create additional ornament wires.

Wire the ornaments
Wire the ornaments - Make Wreath Chandelier

• Fold wire about ¾ inch from one end and thread it through the hanging loop of an ornament.
• Twist to secure.
• Repeat for each ornament.

Attach ornaments
Attach ornaments - Make Wreath Chandelier

• Attach the ornaments to the wreath by twisting ornament wires around the branches.
• Fill the wreath with hanging ornaments.

Tip: Longer hanging ornaments may be more easily secured once the wreath has been hung.

Attach to ceiling hardware
Attach ceiling hardware - Make Wreath Chandelier

Attach the large ring to hanging hardware in ceiling.