Project Loan FAQs

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Can I apply for a Project Loan with a co-applicant?

Yes. The co-applicant will be required to submit his/her personal information when you apply.

How long do I have to make purchases on my Project Loan?

You have 6 months from the time you’re approved for a Project Loan to make purchases. During that 6-month period, interest-only payments are required. 

What can I use a Project Loan for?

A Project Loan can be used for any Home Depot in-store or online purchases and for Home Services. 

How do I make a payment on my account?

You can make payments by mail, phone or online. 

 BY MAIL Make checks payable to “Home Depot Loan Services.” 

 Home Depot Loan Services 
 P.O. Box 71215
Charlotte, NC 28272-1215

 BY PHONE 877-476-3860 ONLINE