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Bat House Wood Kit

  • Quality wood construction makes it corrosion resistant
  • Paintable base allows applying color for an enhanced look
  • Easy-to-follow instructions enable hassle-free installation
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Product Overview

Easy enough for an 8-year-old, but fun for all ages, this pre-cut wooden kit encourages creativity and instills a sense of accomplishment. You will learn to sand with the grain of the wood, hammer and create real cool stuff in less than an hour. These useful items will be treasured for years. Parents of younger children will have fun working with them on this project. Parts are made of wood, and kit includes all necessary assembly hardware. Can be used as-is, or painted or stained and adorned with stickers or stamps. Glue, hammer and/or screwdriver not included.
  • Challenge kids to learn more about bats
  • Fun way to spend an afternoon building
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included
  • Create a bat habitat in your backyard
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Questions & Answers


How high does it need to be?

Asked by Kerstin June 6, 2019

10 feet off the ground. Facing South East.

Bat box and mesh?

Asked by TJ June 4, 2019

Mesh will rust from the urine. rough up the plywood for them to climb on.

Does the kit come with mesh wiring for inside?

Asked by Cjm October 29, 2018

Ours did not.


Asked by Cjm October 29, 2018

What was the question?

how many bats can live here?

Asked by helpers May 4, 2018

I don't know the limit but we've seen 2 - 4 bats come out of ours on occasion.

Do you offer quantity discounts? We may buy 20 Bat Houses for our Scout Troop (3711) to build and...

Asked by Dan February 7, 2018

Hi Dan, I apprcit hat you are trying to do here but I would hot advise same. This model is a very poor excusefor a Bat house. I mlstakenly purchased and built one myself.. It has been elevted to 10 ft and secured tomy dock for at least 8 mos.No Bats. To begin with it is too small and he interior panel provided is too thin to curf for a bats grip. I suggest you start with a std width board 6 or 8 mln. By 3 quarters and go from there. I am a 92 year old x Boy Scout if can help let me know. Walt

Will squirrels be able to live in this house if a hole is cut?

Asked by Kts December 30, 2017

Don't cut a hole in it. The slot in the bottom is ideal for bats and discourages squirrels. Squirrels are another reason to not mount the Bat house in a tree.

What kind of wood comes with the kit?

Asked by Budman1 May 15, 2017


Are the bats included in the kit

Asked by Dwayne March 26, 2017

Actually, it comes with bat SEED. So you plant the seed underneath the house and they sprout into juvenile bats in 4-8 weeks.

What are the dimensions of the box after its been built?

Asked by thatoneguy November 25, 2016

5" x 5" x 11"

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Fun for the kids.
Fun for the kids.
by Wisconsindad
1 person found this helpful
Great project my son loved making it and it was easy for him to follow the directions to complete
Great project my son loved making it and it was easy for him to follow the directions to complete
by brandy
3 people found this helpful
They arrived within 2 days and were just as described. Easy to assemble. You only need your own h...
They arrived within 2 days and were just as described. Easy to assemble. You only need your own hammer and some wood glue. I painted them a light yellow hoping to make them attractive to bats. We will be hanging them tonight with hopes of having bats occupy them!
by Lifey
2 people found this helpful
The bat house was easy to assemble. The instructions were clear and helpful. I think about 6 t...
The bat house was easy to assemble. The instructions were clear and helpful. I think about 6 to 10 bats could use this house. It is a great project to help local bat populations. I will apply sealer to make sure it can withstand wintertime in the Midwest.
by OutdoorsyMom
2 people found this helpful
Cute Kids' Project Easy to Assemble
As a kit, this has 6 pre-cut wooden pieces and 16 nail brads, making it easy to assemble. You supply the wood glue, hammer and stain or paint, and a method of mounting or hanging it 15 feet up with 7 hrs sunshine on it. I had a few concerns: The two chambers created inside are over 1" deep...possibly too wide for bats to snuggle in. It's not a very large house. Also, Home Depot pasted a permanent adhesive sticker shipping label over the instructions. The roof and rear wall are EXTREMELY thin and will warp in weather. As a result, I am adding a 5"x5" square of asphalt roofing shingle cut from a remnant. I am also caulking all seams. I cut parallel horizontal slots with a circular saw to "roughen up" the interior walls and allow the bats to climb up easily. I will also attach a square of recycled plastic eves trough netting to hang down and create a "landing pad" for them to catch when approaching. I felt these were reasonable improvements but not necessary. The instructions stress NOT to sand the inside walls smooth, but I found all pieces arrived with smooth surfaces, so this must be left over from earlier editions. All in all, a fun little kit, but I am not convinced how effective it will be to house wild bats. (attached photo shows kit being assembled in a half an hour).
by KirkG
9 people found this helpful
Great bat house!
This bat house was easy to assemble. My son and I enjoyed putting it together and hanging it in our yard. Now we are just waiting for the bats to move in!
by Batty
2 people found this helpful
Terrific for the money!
I bought two to make as a gift for a friend. Followed the directions EXACTLY on the first house and of course, the hanging insert was slightly too large to "slide inside" after assembly. :P I ended up using that one as a template for decorating later. When building the second one, I made sure to attach the hanging insert BEFORE fully assembling the house and that worked out much better. I can't paint well so I ink stamped it and then polyeurothaned it for durability. I think it came out cute.
by MistyWaterWoman
5 people found this helpful
Not a Certified Bat House!
This bat house is simply too small for bats. The minimum size is 14" wide and at least a 20" tall chamber(s). Also, the chambers should be no more than 3/4" in depth. This maybe a fun project but it is simply conVERsational not conSERvational. For a REAL bat house that works, search for a Certified bat house builder. Preferably constructed from rough cut cedar.
by Batman
116 people found this helpful
These were a great deal and lots of fun
We had eight kids ages 4-8 make these bat houses and they turned out great. The kids needed a decent amount of parent help, but they could do a lot on their own and the whole project took about 15-20 minutes, well within their attention zone. They then decorated them and made them their own. So fun!
by BatLover
13 people found this helpful
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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