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48 in. REDSTICK Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology

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  • Superior accuracy; up to 2X greater accuracy
  • PINPOINT measurement technology for enhanced readout
  • IP 65 rated, 25% stronger frame
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Product Overview

Milwaukee Digital Levels with PINPOINT Measurement Technology delivers Superior Accuracy, Enhanced Durability and a Dynamic Readout providing users with the most versatile and user-friendly digital level on the market. With up to 2X greater accuracy than the competition, users will be able to get the most precise and consistent measurements. Increased frame strength, IP65 rating and a display that's 2X stronger offers a durable product that withstands jobsite conditions and maintains accuracy for the life of the product. PINPOINT Measurement Technology offers unmatched usability, helping them find their unique measurements quicker and more easily than ever before, all powered by our rechargeable REDLITHIUM USB battery.
  • PINPOINT measurement technology provides layers of information to include numeric, graphic, color and audio for advanced readability
  • Pin mode allows user to lock in any target within 360° for replicating measurements or finding a specific measurement
  • Utilizes Milwaukee's rechargeable REDLITHIUM USB battery
  • IP65 rating
  • Auto brightness adapts the display to the external light automatically
  • Tolerance allows users to open up the accuracy of the level when doing rough in work
  • Simple menu selection
  • Level case included
  • Includes: 1 MLDIG48, 1 level case, 1 wall adapter, one 3 ft. heavy-duty USB cord, one 4.0 REDLITHIUM USB battery
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Level Length (in.)14487278
Level TypeBox BeamBox BeamBox BeamBox Beam
Assembled Depth (in.)14.5 in48 in72 in78 in
Assembled Width (in.)1.4 in1.4 in1.4 in3.5 in
Assembled Height (in.)2.75 in2.75 in2.75 in5.25 in
Hand Tool TypeStandard Level Standard LevelStandard Level
Package Quantity1114
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Assembled Depth (in.)
48 in
Assembled Height (in.)
2.75 in
Assembled Width (in.)
1.4 in
Level Length (in.)


.03 in
Level Type
Box Beam
Number of Vials
Package Quantity
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Accuracy Guarantee, 3 Year Tool Warranty, 2 Year Battery Warranty

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Not accurate
The level looks nice and has lots of bells and whistles that are handy. But at the end of the day, the level needs to be accurate and it is not. The 72" level is off by over a tenth of a degree. It may not sound like much, but a tenth of a degree is an 1/8" off over the 72" span of the level. You try and use it on 8, 10, 12, or 15 ft walls and it is off up to 1/2" off from one end to the other. The stated accuracy in the documentation is .03 degrees, but ours is actually .11 degrees. All our other digital levels have a calibrate button, but the Milwaukee does not. With no way to calibrate the level, it is not usable.
Response from Milwaukee ToolAug 12, 2021
Hello, this is Sarah with Milwaukee Tool. GTS, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear about your frustrations with your Milwaukee 72 in. REDSTICK Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology. We'd value the opportunity to learn more about your frustrations with your Milwaukee Tool, and to provide you with support. Please feel free to contact us directly at socialmedia@milwaukeetool.com. It will be our pleasure to provide support once we have received your correspondence. Thank You
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    This level is absolutely incredible, one of those tools that I never realized could be so much be...
    This level is absolutely incredible, one of those tools that I never realized could be so much better than the basic one I had used for years. My usual 2' level works for many applications, but I have found that there are an incredible number of uses for a longer level, some that are easier than measuring and leveling individually, like hanging pictures down a hall, and some outdoor applications that would have been much more difficult, like leveling a garden wall on a slope, without this level. A friend also used it to level the surface of a table he built, which would have been difficult to complete without a level this size. I love all of my Milwaukee power tools, but this is the first I have used with a digital screen and I find it every bit as high quality as what I would expect from this brand. Top notch and easy to use, just make sure you have a good place to store it!
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    I ordered this Milwaukee 48-inch Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology...
    I ordered this Milwaukee 48-inch Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology out of curiosity how such a thing could work. Now, having tried out this wonderful piece of technology, I still have no idea how it manages to know what "level" actually is. I have several I-beam style spirit levels and it's pretty easy to see how they work. But a totally digital level? Maybe someone else can explain how it does what it does. All I know is that I like it! It feels solidly built and would have to be to survive the bumps and dirt of a construction site. The two narrow edges are machined to be flat and parallel to each other. The "box" style allows the electronics to be contained within the box interior so they're protected from the elements. The only shortcoming I noticed is that the "Quick Start Guide" doesn't expalin how to insert or charge the lithium-Ion battery. (It is covered adequately in the separate Operator's Manual.) Installing the battery is somewhat difficult in that it's hard to get the battery compartment cover open with just your fingers. It uses a standard mini-USB plug and socket with a rubber cover for charging the battery. Once charged up, the level turns on with a single button push and starts displaying how many degrees off of level it is. You can change the measurement to percent, inches per foot and millimeters per meter. You can also adjust the level of sensitivity, tolerance, language and power mode. It has displays on both the front and top of the level, so it's easy to read. We just ordered a 8 by 12 foot DIY shed kit from Home Depot and this level will get a lot of use making sure the floor is level and the walls are plumb when we assemble the shed.
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    Milwaukee surprised me with the range of innovation they brought to a level. It's honestly not th...
    Milwaukee surprised me with the range of innovation they brought to a level. It's honestly not the tool I expected to show off to my friends but it's proven to be incredibly useful - Outdoors maintaining the run of a fence with a grade - Indoors running pictures of a wall - In the shop woodworking adjusting for your not so level floor While the digital readout and optional noise letting you know when you're getting to your set degree are great, the power of the level is with the pin-point measurement. Need to hold a reference at 83.7 degrees? Line it up and press the Pin-Point button to add a new reference. Need to invert it? Doubletap the Pin-Point button and you're done. While that's the best there are a range of other features. THe level provides a range of measurements (degrees, percentages, in/ft or mm/m), sensitivities ( whole, tenth, hundredth), tolerances (precise, standard, rough), bright or power saving modes and various languages. The 24 inch version is perfect for providing utility in the house or woodshop (used the most for me) while also being helpful for larger projects outside sometimes augmented by sticking it ontop of a longer level for the best of both worlds. Pros: 1.) Pin-point technology & incredible readout 2.) Power lasts for a long period of time 3.) IP 65 rated - and it's showing no signs of my abuse from dropping it, dropping things on it or submerging it 4.) Handy carrying case - beefy padding, comfortable strap, extra pockets for charging cables and reference manual Cons: Nothing comes to mind - it anything I'd prefer a usb-c charging port instead of the micro charging port which tells you how far I have to go to find something
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    72 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology – Milwaukee Redstick spir...
    72 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology – Milwaukee Redstick spirit levels are at the top for premium quality levels both in accuracy and durability, which is why I wanted to try out the 72-inch digital level. I own 24” and 48” Empire digital levels that I primarily use for installing windows and occasionally cabinets. The Redstick digital model offers about the same digital options as many other brand digital levels, but it has improved graphics. Besides the normal settings for angle, pitch and grade and duplicating angles you can adjust the display contrast. The side display gives a numerical value and visual graphics to show the relationships for level and plumb. The top display gives the numerical value with an electronic bubble vial graphic. The Redstick has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is replaceable when it wears out; other brands - alkaline batteries. The Redstick level is expensive but comes with a 5-year warranty. One thing, I wish it had a couple of bubble vials for checking level and plumb. You don’t always need the electronics for a quick check of your work; because the level automatically shuts off after a few minutes, every time you grab it you need to turn it on and wait a few seconds to initialize. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is an inconvenience. Other brands include vials on their digital levels making them a little handier. Finally, the level comes with a nicely padded case to protect your investment. I don’t much like it. Other companies install a zipper that opens one end of the case and the level easily slides in or out. Milwaukee’s case has a flap that opens the full length and is secured with Velcro. Unless you lay the case on a flat surface or the ground, it’s clumsy to put the level into it and close it up. Because of the cost, I’m don’t see many homeowners or DIYers buying the 72” level to get 1/100th of a degree accuracy when a quality spirit level will give good results for a lot lower price.
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    A very impressive level! This 24” digital level by Milwaukee (model MLDIG24) is high quality, in...
    A very impressive level! This 24” digital level by Milwaukee (model MLDIG24) is high quality, incredibly accurate and precise, flexible, and easy to use. There is no “bubble” - only an electronic display, which is accurate to 0.03 degrees. The dual displays (color on the side, large monochrome on top) are bright and clear, even readable in direct sunlight through polarized sunglasses. The top one is for angular measurements only, while the circular one on the side includes menus for setting various options. The unit measures in angle, percent, in/ft, and mm/m and the sensitivity/precision can be set to whole units, tenths or hundredth for extremely precise measurements. It operates in English, French or Spanish. The unit takes about 5 seconds to power up and initialize, and powers down either automatically or via the power button (hold for three seconds). The included special-purpose battery charges through a standard mini-USB port, and a charging cord and power adapter is included. The top display always shows the current angle and the direction needed to reach the “target” angle. It comes with 0 and 90 degrees preset targets, and adds the option to set a “PIN” target to any angle. The side display shows a more graphic depiction of the rotation needed to reach the target, with a moving directional indicator showing needed rotation as you get withing 10 degrees of target. There is also an audible option where the unit beeps at varying frequency within 10 degrees of your target until the target is reached. Both displays are adjust for orientation: if you flip the level over the displays flips accordingly, so they are always readable. The entire unit comes with a strong padded storage case with shoulder strap, and includes a dedicated zippered compartment for the charger and cord (and other small items if desired). Two things I did not like. The unit only does absolute measurements. You cannot, for example place the unit on an angled surface, set the unit to “0”, then measure relative angles. The only option is – ugh – math. I also had lots of trouble accessing the battery compartment. The cover fits tightly and the latch is difficult to operate while lifting the cover, and there are no instructions to give you confidence you aren't going to break something. I used a small screwdriver to pry up the cover while depressing the latch. See photo. As usual, Milwaukee makes high quality, outstanding tools. There is virtually nothing to dislike about this level except the high price. It's more level than most people need, but if you want the best – this is it!
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    When I first heard about this product, I was a little worried. With any digital device you run th...
    When I first heard about this product, I was a little worried. With any digital device you run the risk of it acting screwy from time to time. After using this, I see that my concerns were justified. Initially I used this like I do any product, that is how I determine it's usefulness, I determine how well it performs the way I expect it to perform. Once I saw that they did not work well, I read the manual and still had issues. My issues were: Tilt, the screen would say Tilt and then the display would go black a few seconds later. I read the manual and the Tilt message should appear once the level is tilted passed 30degrees, at that point it should shut off after 30 seconds I believe, for me the shut off happened after about 5 seconds. Another issue I had is while using it horizontally and pressing the level against a wall, the display would flip, so the numbers became inverse/ the numbers were upside down. This happened almost every time I placed the level against the wall. After this happened a few times I decided to just leave it alone and next time use my old fashioned level. Another issue is the charging, for this battery you have to insert it into the level and plug the usb cable into the level. I have another Milwaukee product that uses this battery and that one came with an adapter/case for you to put the battery in to charge it(REDLITHIUM USB Battery and Charger). That would be a lot simpler than plugging a cable into a 6ft level. This would benefit from having a bubble line, so that even if the display is not working you can still use it
    Response from Milwaukee ToolJun 10, 2019
    Hello, this is Mackenzie with Milwaukee Tool. SmokedNeckbones, thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your experience was not of the standard that you expected. We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further, so please feel free to contact us directly at socialmedia@milwaukeetool.com if you would like further investigation into this matter. Look forward to gaining resolution on this for you. Thank You
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    The Milwaukee 14 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology is a powerf...
    The Milwaukee 14 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology is a powerful feature rich digital level. The front and top displays are very clear and offer accuracy readings to 1000th of a degree, with indications to confirm direction and degree of level cant. The pin-point measurement technology also brings accuracy and reliability to various project task, allowing for inch\mm per foot readings that correlate to the degree of canted changes. Virtually Any degree of level change, due to unstable materials or temp changes, will display immediately! The unit comes with a nice protective travel case, but is very solidly built and has removable clip on durable plastic end caps. The lithium rechargeable battery easily powers the unit all day and recharges in just 1 hour. I consider this Milwaukee 14" level an investment in supreme durability, accuracy and precision for all of my measurement task!!
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    Milwaukee Redstick 24in Digital Level This 24 inch box level has digital readout on the front and...
    Milwaukee Redstick 24in Digital Level This 24 inch box level has digital readout on the front and top. It is simple to use immediately for simple leveling horizontal or vertical, but has advanced features to set specific angles, for example. It operates on a rechargeable battery (included) and comes with the USB cord and plug adapter to charge it. It appears well made, strong and durable. The displays are bright, clear, and easy to read. The color display on the front turns green when level. There is an audible mode that beeps when level as well. Comparing to my old bubble levels, this digital level is very accurate. I used it most recently to install some bathroom cabinets. It is really convenient to use. I was able to see the digital level display while on the floor adjusting shims for leveling, and did not have to keep standing up to check the bubble like I would have with my old levels. This level comes with a great soft case with a carry strap. It has a zipper pouch to carry the cord and adapter, and stores and protects the level nicely.
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    Milwaukee 24 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology - a Home Depot ...
    Milwaukee 24 in. Redstick Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology - a Home Depot Seeds Program Review I think everyone would agree that a level is an essential tool for everyone. I never thought about a really clever one and have gone so far as to balance a bottle one a 2x4 to get a pretty close approximation of level. I got this 24 inch level after I got the 72 inch version of the Redstick. The operation of the two levels is identical and even use the same documentation booklet. I’ll try to summarize and note the differences. Both of these Digital Levels sure opened my eyes to just how much technology can be incorporated into something like a simple level. Obviously the major difference between the 24 inch and 72 inch levels is well...four feet! At 24 inches with the plastic endcaps on it will fit far more easily in tighter spots. Without the endcaps it’s about 21.5 inches so it can get even a little tighter. While much longer I found helping my brother flatten an eight foot long slab of wood to be far superior with the 72 inch level. I found I was less concerned with “exact” level from end to end since there’s far less length to vary a reading. Seriously though, I can live with a variance of a couple of hundredths of a degree over six feet, and even that is easily mitigated by swapping ends and averaging the measurements. This is a digital level with a rechargeable, Li-Ion battery recharged by an included USB cable and an included wall outlet USB charging adapter. There’s an included carrying bag that holds the level and has a pocket for accessories and documentation. I must admit having “accessories and documentation” for a level never crossed my mind. The level has a hang hole at one end for storage when not in the bag. There’s a top display and a front face display. While the top display is pretty generic, the front display is a bit more capable with some color, indicators for set tolerance, battery indicator, PIN settings, etc. The front face also has the control panel for powering off and on, selecting options, setting precision, tolerance, setting desired angles, etc. In addition to the visual displays there’s an audio alarm for when you get close to the selected PIN angle or to the 0 and 90 degree angles. I made sure the battery was fully charged – which took about close to one hour then went through some initial configuration changes like Mode (angle, percent, in/ft, mm/m), Sensitivity (hundreds, tenths, whole), Tolerance, Sounds, Power Mode and Language that you’ll want to make before using. The documentation details ways to do all of this as well as how to do in-field checks of the level. For the most part, the documentation is pretty good and understandable. In use, the level was very accurate with documented accuracy of 0.03 degrees at 0 and 90 degrees and 0.1 degrees between those angles with Milwaukee providing a three year accuracy guarantee. This is far better accuracy than I will probably ever have a need for and with the digital display, far better than I could hope to get eyeballing a bubble in a standard level. Once it’s turned on and starts up, there’s very little that can go wrong. It is, after all, a level. When a desired angle has been measured, pushing the PIN button remembers the angle for repeatability. It’s also possible to manually set a PIN for producing a desired angle. Checking, producing and reproducing angles is simple, accurate and repeatable. If there was anything I could suggest is some sort of magnetic attachments. The level is a good, rigid aluminum but the plastic endcaps are removable. Perhaps there could be an option for magnetic endcaps. I may even fashion these myself by gluing some rare earth magnets into them. The Milwaukee 24 inch Redstick Digital Level, like the 72 inch version, is quite the instrument. This is definitely NOT your father’s level. It’s smart, accurate, durable and consistently produces repeatable results but these come at a pretty steep cost. If your business or work demands excellence in precision measurements the cost could be well worth it. If a bottle balanced on a 2x4 is all the precision you need then you might look for a different product. Personally, while I don’t have the need for super precision, I’m glad I have this 24 inch version of the Redstick Level. Now I have to fashion the magnetic endcaps.
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