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Kwik-Spin+ ¼ in. x 25 ft. Drain Cleaning Snake Auger with Autofeed Trigger for Kitchen/Bath Sinks and Tubs/Showers
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Kwik-Spin+ ¼ in. x 25 ft. Drain Cleaning Snake Auger with Autofeed Trigger for Kitchen/Bath Sinks and Tubs/Showers
Discontinued Model:
  • Easy to use and clean up after use
  • Saves money from not using a plumber
  • Reviewers find it more eco friendly and effective than chemicals
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Product Details

About This Product

The new and improved KWIK-SPIN is an excellent choice for clearing blockages from small drain lines in showers, sinks and tubs. The patented AUTOFEED trigger automatically feeds and retracts the cable as the drum turns. The AUTOFEED trigger makes the job quick and simple.


  • The AUTOFEED trigger makes the job quick and simple.
  • Clean hands operation - avoid mess and minimize job-site cleanup`
  • Easily feeds cable - trigger lock allows smooth, nonstop operation so you can get on to the next job
  • Trigger lock button eliminates hand fatigue
  • 25 ft. of high-strength, kink-resistant 1/4 in. max-core cable included
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Product Information

Internet # 203203829

Model # 41348


Dimensions: H 9 in, W 12.5 in, D 7.5 in


Assembled Depth (in.)

7.5 in

Assembled Height (in.)

9 in

Assembled Width (in.)

12.5 in

Cable diameter (in.)


Cable length (ft.)


Cable Thickness (in.)


Cable Width (in.)



Cable Construction

Inner Core

Drill Attachable


Drum/Housing Material


Handle Included


Maintenance, Repair & Supplies Product Type

Drain Openers & Chemicals

Manual / Powered


Max Recommended Drain Size


Pack Size


Parts Included


Recommended Use

General Plumbing



Weight (lb)


Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Can a drop-head auger head be attached to this cable? For example, the Rigid "T217 4 in. Drop-He...
by|Jun 1, 2019
1 Answer
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A:  unlikely, but even if it did this thing is still just a piece of junk. don't bother with it.

by|Jun 5, 2019
Q:Can this work for toilets?
by|Nov 29, 2018
5 Answers
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A:  yes

by|Apr 23, 2019

A:  This small drain snake is better suited for sink and lavatory drains, tub and shower drains also. For toilets , a tool called a closet auger is better designed for stoppages in those and that tool can also be purchased at Home Depot.

by|Nov 30, 2018

A:  Yes sir it did!

by|Nov 30, 2018

A:  it should but the one I bought did not work on anything. it is a poorly made piece of junk.

by|Dec 3, 2018

A:  I would think it would work ok for a toilet. I haven't used mine for that application though.

by|Dec 2, 2018
    Q:Is this cable long enough to clear a vent pipe on a one story house?
    by|Oct 30, 2018
    5 Answers
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    A:  I think it's 25 ft long, so you could most likely reach from the roof to where the fitting turns horizontal underground, but I wouldn't count on much clean out beyond that...and the cable is pretty small... more suited for sink, and tub/shower drains...

    by|Oct 30, 2018

    A:  I don't know how long the pipe is, but the tool has 25 feet of cable,

    by|Oct 30, 2018

    A:  I have a one story house and used it for the kitchen sink, shower, bathroom sink and it has work great!

    by|Oct 31, 2018

      A:  The cable in this unit is 25 feet in length and is capable of clearing soft obstructions in ½” to 1-1/2” lines. Keep in mind that while it has a 25’ cable the effective distance reached will more likely be 22 feet as you need some residual cable left in the drum in order for it to continue rotating when the drum is turned.

      by|Oct 30, 2018

        A:  That depends on several factors. 1) My Kwik-Spin is only 25' and it doesn't go 25 ft because it curls while feeding decreasing travel distance to the blockage. 2) Larger diameter pipe will shorten travel distance to blockage even more 3) Finally, if you feel the blockage is within 20 ft or so it will probably work. Hope this helps...

        by|Nov 1, 2018
          Q:How much does this weigh?
          by|Aug 16, 2018
          5 Answers
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          A:  About four pounds.

          by|May 5, 2023
            2 found this answer helpful

            A:  A lot

            by|May 6, 2023
              3 found this answer helpful

              A:  This weighs 3.85 pounds.

              by|May 5, 2023
                2 found this answer helpful

                A:  About 3 lbs

                by|May 5, 2023
                  2 found this answer helpful

                  A:  Have no idea what it weighs. It broke the first time it was used and went in the trash,

                  by|May 5, 2023
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                    Easy To Use & Works Well
                    Very easy to use and it works very well. Used it to clear a bathtub drain. Unscrewed and took off the overflow cap and put the snake down, followed the easy instructions and it pulled up a wad of scummy hair and soap
                      • Recommended
                      More Kinky Than Rigid
                      Got one use out of it before it kinked, the trigger doesnt actually work or do anythjng and seemed jammed - junk product !
                        Had mixed feelings on buying this based on some reviews. The product worked great for me on my tu...
                        Had mixed feelings on buying this based on some reviews. The product worked great for me on my tub/shower drain. I ran my hand type cable, with no success. Just not enough "gumption". This product brought out not a year, not years and years, but maybe decades of hair and gunk. Based on other's reviews and my experience, here is what I can offer. The product comes with a plastic wrap around the drum, with the name, company, SKU, etc. Look for the dotted lines on the wrap, and cut it open there. The full instructions are on the inside of the wrap. (Someone posted there were no instructions included.) DO wear latex gloves and eye cover. I first gave it a "dry run", to make sure it, and I, was working correctly. I was first spooked that when clicking the trigger handle, the cable advances only about a quarter inch at a time. Patience is key here. You can manually advance more length of cable until you feel you have reached the block. Keep the end of the drum close to the opening you are working into. Crank the drum a few turns, then advance out and in only an inch or so at a time and, crank. When I thought I had hit the main stack, I withdrew the cable, bringing out huge clumps of hair and stuff. As a safety measure, I ran the cable a second time, and hit another big block, with no advancement. When I attempted to withdraw the cable, it seemed stuck. Key here, as some mentioned, turn the cable clockwise, as when advancing the cable, then gently pull back. It will come an inch or two. Crank again, gently pull again, and so on. The key is... turn the drum as when advancing (clockwise)...do NOT attempt to reverse crank. It will not draw out. As the cable was withdrawing, it was also bringing out big clumps of stuff. Once out, I reinserted a third time, just to be sure. The third time the cable came out fairly clean, maybe just a couple of hairs here and there. I feel the cost of this tool is probably a third, maybe even less, than what a plumber would charge. Maybe the plumber might be faster (he probably uses a power driven cable), so allow yourself plenty of time to do it correctly and thoroughly. When finished, I left the cable extended out, took it outside and hosed off the cable. After letting it dry in the sun a few minutes, I coated the cable with light (household) oil as I reinserted it into the drum, to help prevent rust.
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                          I'm not gonna lie, I thought this thing sucked when I first got it. As a man who lifts heavy weig...
                          I'm not gonna lie, I thought this thing sucked when I first got it. As a man who lifts heavy weights for fun, this thing felt like I was participating in a intense grip training session whenever I used it. I bought it for a shower clog and when I first used it, I couldn't seem to figure out how it worked. It would get stuck going down and I couldn't seem to figure out how to navigate it. After 6 months passed and my shower started clogging again after I had plunged out some of the nasty nasty the first time, I decided it was time to watch a video. I found out that this was not in fact designed to be used by Dwayne the Rock Johnson and you can lock it into place so you don't have to blast your forearms trying to hold the trigger. Voila, it worked like a charm and got the real nasty nasty out this time. Next time, I'm definitely going with a drill operated one unless I have a gal over and I want to try and impress her when I whip this thing out. Pictured: Nasty nasty, Rigid Kwik-Spin (Dominos pizza not included, but did feed me during intense session)
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                            Invest in a powered model instead.
                            Invest in a powered model instead.
                            • Verified Purchase
                            This review is written mainly for the ladies that don't have a man around. This Thing didn't wor...
                            This review is written mainly for the ladies that don't have a man around. This Thing didn't work for me. I was forced to buy it because they only had two to choose from (this and a red one in a box) and the other was twice as much. the helper i talked to told me they were the exact same thing. First off i am stronger than many women but i found this tool awkward and heavy to hold for the period of time necessary. before i used it i practiced with it to make sure I used it properly. knowing how to use the lock is important. I was trying to unclog the bathtub and it was just too hard to hold it in place (in the top hole with the stopper lever) and wind it to try and maneuver it through the pipes. I couldn't get it to go more than the first drop. In desperation I tried to use it in the bottom drain in the tub but the darn thing wouldn't fit. There didn't seem to be a way to remove some metal part of the drain prohibiting its travel. I had to resort back to the plunger. Working with the plunger off and on (as my arm strength permitted) during the course of 3 days (along with a big bottle of draino) is what solved my problem, not the auger but if you want to give it a shot with your manpower and your drain, try this youtube video i found if you have never done this before. I found it very helpful. Also, let your coil dry before you wind it back up so it doesn't rust. excuse my unsightly tub picture, this is a rental and the landlord is not very helpful with upkeep or problems. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV5fuMRe4nM
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                              "Kink Free Cable" Kinked on First and Only Use
                              I own and use a Rigid K400 drain cleaner and absolutely love it, however it was too big to use on my bathtub drain, so I purchased a Kwik Spin hoping for a similar experience. Totally disappointed with this product.
                              Response from Brand MarketingJan 18, 2018
                              Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry your experience with our product wasn't what you expected from RIDGID. We work hard to make the best professional tools in the market. As such, we back every product support, training and the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty. Please contact us as 1-800-4RIDGID, option 4, or email us at rtctechservices@emerson.com, to discuss options for getting you back up and running. Regards, RIDGID
                                Decent drain auger for the price
                                Unfortunately, what I thought was a clog, was a full septic tank - whoops! You live, you learn. As for the auger though, it worked as expected. This kind works really easily to extend, you just turn the handle, and out it goes, spinning all the way. It pulls back easy. Then the less fun part of cleaning (if you're going to) and feeding it back into the drum is still pretty easy. Unfortunately, some of the line was a little rusted, the first time I pulled it out. Makes you wonder if it had been used... yuck! Don't even want to go there.
                                • Verified Purchase
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                                simply a toy
                                this tool received very little use cleaning a patio drain 2 or 3 times. drive mechanism separated. they would not return at store and its not worth the cost to ship it to Rigid. I will simply go buy a real one.
                                • Pro
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                                Removed unique clog from bathtub drain pipe
                                I bought and used this auger to successfully remove a hair clog from my bathtub drain pipe. The bathtub was still draining but had gradually become extremely slow to drain. The removed clog was somewhat unique. It was attached to the end of a foreign metal object existing in the pipe just past the P trap bend. I suspect a previous remodel and installation of a new bath tub resulted in this metal object falling down the overflow pipe from a removed drain lever assembly. Surprisingly the auger was able to screw through the hollow diameter of the metal object in the pipe and continue past to penetrate the hair clog behind it. The whole clog mess including the metal object was quickly pulled up and out of the overflow pipe, attached to the cable. I followed the product directions, accessing the drain through the bathtub overflow pipe. The directions seemed adequate, but my experience involved some additional finesse. Holding the unit really close to the drain opening seems to work best. Specifically I held the unit right against the overflow pipe opening. This was much closer than the pictures showed in the directions. When working the cable through the blockage, I did not completely rely on the AUTOFEED lock to hold tension on the cable. It tended to become disengaged rather easily. Instead, I additionally maintained pressure on the trigger as it was being worked through the blockage and during the entire time the cable was in the drain. The cable worked through (screwed into) the clog as I turned the drum. Every time I turned the drum, if at any time it wanted to turn the opposite direction, I DID NOT continue turning it. I think this is what the directions meant by NOT forcing the cable. Instead, while still holding pressure on the trigger, I turned the drum ONCE, holding in place so it did not turn back, and moved the unit back and forth a couple inches (to move the cable in the drain back and forth) until the drum did not try reverse direction on its' own any more. I kept repeating this process as I advanced the cable through the pipe. If I would continue to turn the drum while it tried to reverse on its' own, then the cable tension built up inside the drum and eventually buckled and twisted the cable inside the drum. I then had to feed the cable out and back into the drum to fix it, which made the whole process take longer than necessary and may have damaged the cable had I not corrected my technique. Once the cable stopped meeting resistance as I advanced it, I pulled the cable by hand from the drain overfill pipe and removed the attached clog! Overall, this auger worked very well. I made sure to rinse and dry off the cable as much as possible before retracting it and storing it, like the directions advised. The cable is steel and it really does want to rust if left exposed to water and air. Some may not care to try to prevent this.
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