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Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement

  • Easy to install
  • Provides protection by reinforcing the door
  • Can be painted to match any color and blend with any door
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Product Overview

The StrikeMaster II Pro stops home invasions by preventing door kick-ins. FBI statistics show that the majority of home break-ins are caused by burglars kicking in the door. Unless extra reinforcement is taken to strengthen the door frame, a forced entry of kick-in burglary will split open the wooded door frame around the lock. StrikeMaster II Pro provides real protection. It's the easiest to install door jamb and hinge reinforcement product available. Its 4 ft. of customized steel turns soft wood door frame casing into solid steel. The StrikeMaster II Pro's patent pending double steel plate design along with extra long screws, bite into the wall studs surrounding the door frame reinforcing the casing and door hinges. Now, the StrikeMaster II Pro comes with the Door Edge Pro which reinforces the door and keeps it from spliting during kick-in attempts. The StrikeMaster II Pro has been installed on thousands of homes without a single failure. It does not require additional locking devices. It is powder coated white to match most homeowners' trim color or can be painted to match any decor. The average homeowner can install it in less than 30 minutes. No cutting or removal of the door casing is necessary. The StrikeMaster II Pro will fit any outside door frame including doors with side-lights and double entry doors. Also repairs and strengthens already broken door frames.
  • Use on right- or left-swing outside doors
  • Steel construction with white powder-coat finish
  • Cut-outs to fit 5-1/2 - 6 in. between an entry lock and a deadbolt
  • Can be used to repair door frames
  • Easy installation in as little as 30 minutes
  • 48 in. L x 1/8 in. T x 1-3/4 in. W
  • Powder coated white to match most door frames or can be painted
  • 2-piece customized steel construction
  • 48 in. long x 1/8 in. thick x 1.75 in. wide
  • Comes with case hardened fully threaded screws for strike and door hinges,11 each - 2.5 in. to attached steel reinforcer to frame, 6 each - 2.5 in. to strengthen door hinges to frame, 6 each - 1.5 in. to strengthen door hinges to door and the door edge pro
  • Complete installation instructions provided
  • Made in the USA
  • Police endorsed



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Door Frame Reinforcer

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Questions & Answers


Need storm door replacement right side #co204032m1080507

Asked by Stormy November 26, 2020

This StrikeMaster II is NOT for storm doors, it's designed to be used with entry doors, not storm doors

Can this be installed on a metal door?

Asked by Buckeye October 20, 2020

Yes, it can be installed on wood casings where the door is metal. If both the door and casing are metal, then you probably do not need it as the casing will not crack apart around the hinges or locks when kicked.

I am looking to install this on my front entry door with glass sidelights on either side (impact ...

Asked by Luster August 20, 2020

Can this be installed over existing strike plates or does it need to take the place of the existing one?

Asked by Elan April 9, 2020

No. The instructions say to remove the strike plates.

Is this Strikemaster II Pro?

Asked by Alli March 31, 2020


How much clearance is needed between the door and the door jamb/frame to fit this product and sti...

Asked by Teyo January 16, 2020

Even if your door is scraping a little, like mine did, install it. Make sure the screws are fairly tight which pulls the frame enough to make installation a breeze. It works well! Excellent product, feel safer immediately.

I am installing a very very heavy wood door. Could this help with reinforcing the door frame for ...

Asked by ZGerrard September 23, 2019

Yes, this product will reinforce the door frame, but only on the section above and below the latch. It is designed to prevent the frame around the latch from cracking when kicked in at the weak point of the latch.

If this is 1/8" thick and mounts over the door frame will it keep the door from opening and closi...

Asked by Kingfisher June 19, 2019

It may. Mine was very tight. I ended up splitting the twi pieces and only using one. But the door works just fine

Will this fit on a mobile home? The front door has a lip on the edge of the inside edge. I've had 3 home invasions!

Asked by Heather October 7, 2018

You will have to measure your door frame and decide based on the measurements of the frame. The door jam re-enforcement metal piece that attaches to the frame is 4' long, 1 7/8" wide and has a 5/16" lip which fits a residential doorframe perfectly. If the door on your mobile home is thinner than a standard residential entry door, door jam may not be deep enough to install the StrikeMaster II. Also, the screws that are used to install the re-enforcement piece are 2 1/2" long. You have to verify that when you put these screws in that they are going into the door jam and the wood behind it, and are not going to hit something in the mobile home wall such as wiring. Also note that when installed, the metal piece occupies 1/8" between the door jam and the door. While this might not seem like much, it may prevent the door from closing. My front door which has sagged some over the decades barely closes with the StrikeMaster II installed (I had to beat on my door hinges with a sledge hammer to get them to not sag as much so my door could close). Good luck! I hope it fits and gives you some security!.

Do you sell door hinge reinforcement for interior doors? How can I reinforce my interior doors?

Asked by Chris January 27, 2018

I don't believe this would work for inner doors that are hollow or flimsy in any way. If it is a solid sturdy wood or metal or fiberglass door, this would work. Of course, it is visible along the inside edge of the door.

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Simply a rugged design, easy to install and seems like it could stop a tank.
Simply a rugged design, easy to install and seems like it could stop a tank.
nothing else does what this gives
I installed these on my prior Houston home where there is increasing home front door kick in, invasions. I moved and it was on my first order of business on my new home. Some say its not easy to install. I would not fault the maker, for non standard doors. I do empathize if one encounters obstacles. The strength in this product is the two piece design without alteration. I recommend retro fitting the install with the two screws they suggest. There are no shortcuts in carpentey nor good security. Our metal doors are 25 yrs old, but it is always the wood trim and screws you have NO idea what is behind it...or isnt! I just found my new home only had 3/4” screws on the frame side! Pick me up off the floor! And we had a custom builder! My prior home had NO wood behind the exterior trim...ghast. I had to install shims with glue to have a rigid place to install screws. I used 4” screws here to make sure it reached the frame...and it did. Any time you make a modification to a home, you are likely going to find something non standard (changes over time) or something substandard and needs repair. THIS is your home...its a blessing to go agead and correct these things then Install this product. Think about how you will feel - God forbid - your door is ever tested for real...keep in mind what you need to prevent and you will be very pleased that you took the time to work through your door’s needs. Once you correct things, the install will go smoothly. Have a very good drill for the initial screws, and a good grip phillips for the tightening. I get old cups or coffee filters to keep my screws together and easy to carry in event I need to stop. Read and reread your instructions and get comfortable with the objective. Dont be afraid to admit if its over your comfort level - thats for contractors — No shame in that!
by ARPamIAm
9 people found this helpful
This product should be marked for external doors only. I...
This product should be marked for external doors only. I found it only mediocre in protecting the door frame.
by LeftWanting
Easy to install. I hope it works!
Easy to install. I hope it works!
by Sunny
My husband purchased one of these reinforcements a year ago and installed it on one of our doors...
My husband purchased one of these reinforcements a year ago and installed it on one of our doors. We liked it so much that I ordered two more. He easily installed all of them himself with little or no trouble. Before they were installed the doors seemed to fit securely but there was a bit of "jiggle"room and it would not have taken much to kick them in. The doors fit more securely now with these reinforcements in place...no more "jiggle" and we feel a bit safer.
by NCmomma49
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Doesn't fit all doors
I tried this product today. The 90 degree bend on the Strike Master hardware was too wide of a width and split the door trim while installing. The hardware and door was pretty messed up after the install and didn't allow for closure of the door. I had to remove this product and now I'm looking at repairing the door trim. I have contacted the Strike Master about the install today, but their won't be a resolution to this problem unless the door is modified or the product is modified.
by Bry
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Increases confidence about being away
It took less than an hour to install. I didn't test the door by trying to kick it in, but I know it will be a whole lot more difficult now. I also installed a double cylinder deadbolt lock and a camera, both also purchased at Home Depot.
by Tizzy
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I installed this product after a break-in. on the 15th of July. My house was again broken into on the 24th of July. They probably had to kick the door a couple more times but it did not keep them out. it is now shaped like an 's' from Kiss' logo. Did not work.
by Lilliebliss
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Very Good product, fairly easy to install.
I liked it so much I purchased 3 more. Solves splintered or cracked wood around your frame and the bonus is it ads a lot of strength & security. May require a small amount of filing were the deadbolt goes in. A couple of my doors did and a couple did not. Also you need to cut off the strike plate lip flush were the doorknob bolt enters the frame to make this fit over it. Otherwise it is fairly easy to install. Price is a bit high but it is a lot easier than replacing your frames.
by SDW1
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Strike Master was easy to install in about 10 minutes....
Strike Master was easy to install in about 10 minutes. The cutouts matched perfectly for my door lock and deadbolt. StrikeMaster really made the door locks much more secure against a break-in.
Showing 1-10 of 265 reviews