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Tub and
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Easy Bath Makeovers

Need a bath makeover, but not a full remodel? Tub and shower liners from The Home Depot could be the answer. In two days or less, we’ll professionally install your custom liner at one low, affordable price.

Save up to $400 on Custom Installed Shower Doors

Save up to $400 on custom installed shower doors, plus FREE glass coating on all orders over $500. Offer valid from 03/07/2019-03/20/2019. Minimum purchase of $500 required. View Details

Flexible Financing

We offer a wide range of flexible financing options including The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card issued by Citibank, N.A. and The Home Depot Project Loan issued by GreenSky, LLC, plus one competitive price on any tub & shower liner installation.

Bring New Life To Your Tub or Shower

Whether you’re looking to dramatically update your bathroom or simply give it a refresh, our custom manufactured tub liners and shower liners fit like a glove over your old bathtub, shower and walls.

Customer Reviews

March 7, 2019

From "Ugh" to "Wow" in less than 8 hours

Recommended service

March 6, 2019

Great shower stall and tile floor

Recommended service

March 6, 2019

Maintenance Free

Recommended service

March 5, 2019

There are measurements the installer wrote in red ink on the north wall won't wash off. I have wash

March 3, 2019

Both Bathrooms look brand new after it was completed.

Recommended service

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common Tub & Shower Liner Installation questions.

What is a bathtub liner?

Bathtub liners are custom acrylic inserts that can be easily installed over the top of your existing tub or shower. With sound measurements and professional installation, a bathtub liner is a great alternative to a complete remodel, giving you the look of a brand new tub or shower for less cost and hassle.

What materials are bathtub and shower liners composed of?

The Home Depot's acrylic bathtub and shower liners offer numerous advantages over cast iron, pressed steel and fiberglass units. Made of a durable high-gloss finish it will not dent, rust, peel or crack, and the surface is warm to the touch and easier to clean than fiberglass units. This innovative combination of durability and beauty requires minimum maintenance.

When should I consider a tub to shower conversion?

A new liner is a great, cost-friendly way to approach a tub to shower conversion project. If you need additional space in your bathroom or don't have use for just a bathtub, a shower liner installation could be for you! A new shower liner can come with custom walls that add the design and style you've been looking for in your bathroom. With the ability to install shower pans, bring in custom borders or other decorative pieces, The Home Depot makes tub to shower conversions easy and affordable.

How long will the consultation take?

Typically, consultations last between 1-1/2 to 2 hours, but may vary based on your needs.

In addition to bathtub or shower liners, what other installation work can be done?

Not only we do offer brand new hardware for your bathtub, we also offer vanity upgrades, shower pan installation and new enclosures, updated fixtures, and more! During your free in-home consultation your bath consultant will discuss the possibilities for creating your dream bathroom.

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Tub & Shower Liner Installation

Bathtub and shower liners are a smart, fast and reasonably inexpensive way to update the look of your bathroom. Our liners are custom manufactured to perfectly cover your existing tub. They won’t crack, peel, chip, rust or mildew.

One of the most attractive elements of installing a tub or shower liner from The Home Depot is the one-stop shopping convenience. Since the installation will be provided by the nation’s #1 home improvement retailer, you’ll be taking advantage of one affordable price — from initial measurement to final inspection — with your local installation company.

In as little as two days, your tub or shower can have a dramatic, new look that will meet or exceed your expectations! All work will be performed by an authorized, licensed as required, screened and insured team of contractors. Along with their years of training and local bathtub remodeling experience, you’ll find they’re up-to-date on the latest trends in tub and shower design, helping you reach the desired level of elegance and style.

Custom Bathtubs
Bathroom design trends include all bathtub types, from custom sizes to different styles – alcove, drop in, and freestanding to name a few – all made from a variety of materials. Whether your dream tub is made from cultured marble or enameled steel, chances are you’ll find the perfect tub to match the rest of your bath design. However, did you know that our acrylic liners can also be customized to fit your needs and design theme? Our quality one-piece bathtub covers can complement your bathroom with matching borders, wainscoting, upgraded fixtures and shelving!

New Shower Installation
Even if your bathroom contains only a shower, our durable one-piece acrylic liners are still a great way to remodel an outdated bathroom. Over time, shower stalls not only look dated, but can crack, warp or simply no longer match the look of the bathroom’s other features. This is also a great time to make custom additions to your shower, like cubbies, new hardware, or safety features. By getting a durable shower liner installed on top of the existing frame with The Home Depot, your shower will look brand-new again!

Remodeling Bathtubs
A bathtub and shower remodel is a complex task that may feel overwhelming. With countless local companies available to remodel your bathtub, choosing the best, most qualified installer alone could prevent some from going through with the project. By remodeling your bathtub with The Home Depot’s tub inserts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the best products and services are coming together to upgrade your bathtub. We’ll chat through your tub remodel ideas and provide professional input on what the best solution is for you.  


The Home Depot Credit Options

We have a couple of financing options to help you bring your dream bathroom to life.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers no annual fee, everyday special financing and exclusive Home Depot benefits.

There's also The Home Depot Project Loan. It offers affordable fixed monthly payments, a 6-month purchasing window and no prepayment penalty.

Get started with The Home Depot Credit Options

High Quality and Endless Variety

Our custom manufactured tub liners and shower liners fit like a glove over your old bathtub, shower and walls. Plus, they’re non-porous and manufactured from durable, high-gloss materials that won't crack, peel, chip, rust or mildew. Or consider a tub to shower conversion for a great updated look.

We also offer high quality acrylic shower pans and bathtub covers, as well as many low-cost updates to complement your new liner system, including borders, wainscoting, fixtures, shelving & more.

Learn more about how to update your bath