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For showers in a recessed or alcove space

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Space-saving design for corner showers

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Turn your bathtub into an enclosed shower


Your shower door can swing in or out from the left or right, or slide from side-to-side. If you choose a swinging door, make sure it has room to open without hitting anything.

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How to Measure for Your New Shower Door

A. Measure the height from the top of the tub edge or shower base to the top of the wall unit or tile wall.

B. Measure the width of the opening from wall to wall, in two places, the top and bottom. Use the longer length.

C. Prep and level the floor first. Then, measure the depth from the back wall to the front of the shower stall, along with both side walls. Use the larger length.

Tip: Select a shower with a drain hole that connects easily to your existing plumbing.

Shower Kits Buying Guide 

Shower Doors Buying Guide

How to measure for your neo-angled shower


How to measure your Square Shower


Love Your Shower

Don't just shower. Create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience every time, with a new shower from The Home Depot. Whether you're doing a complete remodel, or just replacing the shower doors or shower pan, we have a variety of styles, finishes and options, designed to meet your needs and budget. Plus, choose the shower head, faucet, shelving, and accessories to really make it your own. 

How to Choose the Right Shower 
When deciding on a shower, your home's current shower set up will be a major factor. For instance, if your shower opening is in the corner—you pretty much know you'll have to replace it with a corner shower, unless you plan on doing a full remodel.  When replacing your shower, the drain location of your new shower should match the existing plumbing. You have more flexibility, if you're installing a shower in a new construction home. 

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to measure your shower opening correctly, before ordering a replacement. Measure the height, from the top of the shower to the bottom. Then, measure the depth and the width of the opening in a couple of places. Check out our showers buying guide for easy step-by-step instructions.  

Shower Kits
Many homeowners choose a shower kit, simply because it comes with the shower pan or base, along with the walls and doors. If you plan to do-it-yourself, many shower kits make it easy for you with snap-together installation. Shower kits are available in several styles and designed to fit your existing space. Choose from rectangle-shaped, round, neo-angled or square. Depending on what you choose, the kit could be one large piece, or several pieces. If you choose the one-piece option, just make sure you can get it through the front door or up the stairs. 

Shower Doors 
There are several things to consider, when it comes to shower doors. Glass will be your biggest decision. What kind you get depends on your style and how much privacy you require. You can choose frosted glass or clear, or something with a pattern. Shower doors can be framed, frameless or semi-framed. Like the name suggests, framed shower doors are typically supported by a metal frame. Shower doors can swing in or out—and open on the left or right. You can also choose sliding doors or fixed shower doors. 

Make It Your Own 
Once you've chosen the shower style and door, it's time to accessorize. The right shower head can really elevate your shower experience. Some of the options include a rain shower head, massaging pulse shower head, or a hand-held, adjustable shower head. Then, think about adding a soap dish or two, towel racks, safety bar, an in-shower bench, decorative shower curtains and other shower accessories. You can also decide on the finish you'd like – from brushed nickel, to bronze, chrome or black. The options are endless. 

Get Started Today 
It's time to get started on that new shower project. Whether you're replacing the doors, adding a new shower pan or starting from scratch, we have what you need to transform your bathroom into a space that’s functional, yet relaxing. We have a variety of affordable shower options to fit any space and any budget. Buy online and we’ll ship it to your local The Home Depot store.