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Drop - Laying in a grid just below your ceiling, drop ceilings are easy to care for. Great for hiding duct work & wiring, they allow ready access to pipes. Drop ceilings are easy to repair and to replace tiles as needed.

Apply tile or planks directly on your existing ceiling. Tile and planks are great for covering damaged drywall or plaster & popcorn ceilings. It also allows you to get a new surface without losing ceiling height.

There is a ceiling style to meet every taste. Basic, modern, classic and tin style offer a range of looks. Edge styles add to your ceilings look as drop ceilings will include square and tapered while direct apply ceilings use square or bevel edges.

Special features are important when planning your new ceiling. Do you need to reduce noise or need moisture and mold resistance?  Light reflectance to save money on extra fixtures and energy is also an option.

Inspiring Ideas For Your Ceiling

USG Ceilings offers the best in aesthetics and sound quality with their high performing acoustical ceilings. Explore their wide range of solutions, including the installation help video and ceiling tile selection guide.

Transforming your walls and ceilings to a natural wood look has never been easier than with TopTile. Applied directly to your ceiling or wall, you can learn more about these innovative wood planks in this brochure, or by watching an informative video.

For a distinctive look in a room or small area, tin style tiles with matching cornice molding are DIY friendly and many styles can be installed in a day. Learn more about the many decorative ceiling options available to you today!

From surface mount to drop, tin style to  acoustical, The Home Depot has the ceiling tile style for you that will allow your ceiling to reach new heights!

Awe-Inspiring & Affordable Ideas

If you are looking to make a breathtaking change to a room in your house, enjoy the difference a new ceiling can make. For a nominal investment in both time and money, The Home Depot can help you transform the ceiling of any room in your home or office with our stunning selection of louvers, cornices, drop ceiling grids and suspended ceiling tiles. 

Revolutionize any room and give it the classic look of a traditional ceiling with our stylish ceiling tiles, ceiling panels and drop ceiling tiles. If you are looking to control sound within a space, there is a first-class collection of acoustic panels which will reduce unwanted inflections and echo in your critical listening environment. 

You can also add class to any room with our large variety of decorative molding that is both beautiful and fashionable. The Home Depot can help you with all of your ceiling project needs. Go to any store and get help from one of our professional store associates and start your ceiling project today.


Ceilingmax quickly and easily covers old tile ceilings Ceilingmax quickly and easily covers old tile ceilings floor joists plaster or drywall. Using snap-in technology Ceilingmax works with any standard 2 ft. x 2 ft. or 2 ft. x 4 ft. tiles. Manufactured with high-grade vinyl Ceilingmax eliminates rust and scratches without demolition cost mess and downtime. Ceilingmax provides ...  More + Product Details Close
The Suspend-It Eye Lag Screws for metal joists The Suspend-It Eye Lag Screws for metal joists measure 2 in. x 1/4 in. These specially designed Eye Lag Screws feature a self-tapping sharp point for easier installation. Packaged in a convenient 50-piece pack for attaching ceiling hanger wire to metal joists. Created specifically for suspended ceiling grid installations.  More + Product Details Close
Use the Suspend-It Leveling Line when installing drop Use the Suspend-It Leveling Line when installing drop ceiling grids. The optic yellow color provides excellent visibility for easier positioning. Tie the leveling line to the end of clamps and stretch string taught where main tee positions are desired.  More + Product Details Close
Use the Suspend-It Light-Duty Ceiling Hooks for hanging Use the Suspend-It Light-Duty Ceiling Hooks for hanging lightweight objects from ceiling tees. The plastic grid-clip and metal S-hook design is ideal for use with drop or suspended ceilings to hang plants decorations and other lightweight items. Designed for hanging items up to 5 lbs.  More + Product Details Close