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Find the right amperage and cord for your device with our helpful buying guide: How to Choose the Right Extension Cord.
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Extend Your Power & Get the Job Done

Whether you’re looking to get a little extra length for an outdoor project or looking to secure your home electronics, choosing the right type of extension cord or surge protector is important. To get started, check out our Extension Cord Buying Guide and our Surge Protector Buying Guide. 

More Length & More Power 

Most consumers often purchase the easily recognizable orange extension cords for light-duty use like yard maintenance, holiday lights and other home maintenance projects. For the pros, they’ll find heavy-duty use extension cords that provide heavy, rubberized jackets to carry more amps for use with power tools and generators. And if you’re not sure what level you need, check out the amperage chart above. 

Protect Your Investment 

Not all surge protectors are created equally. Some light-duty extension cords are good for plugging in simple electronics and charging cell phones. For more pricey items like televisions, sound equipment, computers and laptops, you’ll want to use a surge protector with a warranty and can protect your equipment from power surges. That also goes for appliances. Having the right appliance cable to protect your refrigerator, washer/dryer and more. 

And since nobody likes to have cables and cords everywhere, look into accessories to help you manage your cables. Cable reels, extension cord carriers and cable management systems can help keep your extension cords and surge protectors accessible, but out of sight.