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We'll guide you through electrical breaker and distributor projects from start to finish, with instructions for installation, safety and selecting tools to get the job done.

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Be prepared before you buy. Learn how to select all things electrical - electrical panels, circuit breakers, fuses, generators - that match your needs and budget.

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The Home Depot is the place to shop for all your electrical needs, including breakers, electrical wiring, load centers, plus electrical tools and accessories. We have a large selection of circuit breakers, electrical connectors, boxes, panels, switches and power distribution blocks. Plus, you can count on The Home Depot for the expert advice you need to do the job right. If you need help in learning more about the types of circuit breakers, our Buying Guides can help. Or if you're ready to start your project and want to know how to install a circuit breaker panel, a ground fault circuit breaker, a load center or even a complete power distribution system, check out The Home Depot Project Guides - we will guide you every step of the way. When you're in the store, the knowledgeable associates at The Home Depot can help you decide which circuit breakers, distributors and load centers best meets your individual needs.