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Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants – sometimes referred to as carpet scraps – are the end pieces left over from a roll of carpeting. These pieces are sold “as is” since they’re too small for a standard carpet installation but too big to toss out as waste. This usually means they’re sold at a lower price compared to full carpeting.

Uses for Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants can be used in multiple ways throughout your house.

• Low-Traffic Areas: One of the best ways to use carpet remnants is to put them in low-traffic areas in your home. Be aware that carpet remnants are patched together, so they may be a little less durable than a full piece of carpeting. Closets and guest rooms are suitable choices since they don’t require extremely sturdy carpet.

• Worn Out Areas: Carpet remnants also make an excellent temporary solution for sections of your carpet that are badly stained or worn out. If you move an appliance or fixture and it leaves an empty space on your carpeted floor, carpet remnants can be a quick fix.

• Design Element: Consider bound carpet remnants if you’re looking for an area rug with an eclectic feel. These can be an economical and whimsical solution to designer area rugs.

Considerations for Carpet Remnants

If you’re trying to cover a whole room with carpet remnants, be aware that it can be tricky to find enough of the same carpet to fill the space. It also may take a lot of effort to patch all the pieces together in a seamless fashion.

Since carpet remnants are leftovers, they don’t come with a warranty. This may not be a huge deal if you’re using carpet remnants as a quick fix. However, if you’re planning to cover an entire high-traffic area with carpet remnants, a warranty helps give you some peace of mind in the event something were to happen to it.

Carpet remnants are a budget-friendly solution for your carpeting needs, but it’s important to recognize their recommended applications and know what to expect when purchasing these pieces of carpet.

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