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It’s important to choose the right grout when installing tile. Sanded grout is great for areas with heavy foot traffic, while non-sanded grout works well on vertical surfaces.

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Fusion Pro Fusion Pro Features

Stain Proof and Color Perfect, Never needs sealing, Ultimate color consistency, Easy to spread and clean, Ready to use, For joints 1/16’ - 1/2”

Prism Prism Features

No efflorescence, Color consistent, Stain resistant, Lightweight, Rapid setting, For joints 1/16’ - 1/2”

Polyblend Polyblend Features

Traditional and durable, Highly resistant to cracking, Mix with water, Sealing after 48-72 hr. cure time, Non-Sanded up to 1/8”, Sanded for joints 1/8” - 1/2”

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If you’re a DIYer and need help tackling your flooring project, our How-to Guides and videos can show you every step. And if you’re a Pro and know exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

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Flooring Tools & Materials for Every Project

If you’re putting in new carpet, tile, laminate or hardwood floors, you'll find all the flooring tools and materials to make your installation a success at The Home Depot. From grout, floor primers or floor scrapers to tile saws, tile spacers or trowels and floats, we have the flooring tools you need to get started.

Flooring Tools to Prep Your Flooring 

You want to make sure you have the right floor primers and flooring tools and know the right steps before you start your flooring project. If you’re installing carpet, check out our carpet tools and supplies.

For tile and stone, start with tile tools and supplies like underlayment and backer boards. Underlayment covers flaws in the subfloor and can reduce sound and moisture. Backer boards work in dry spaces and wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

You’ll also need floor primers and floor levelers. Floor primers will improve the bonding of your subsurface to your underlayment. When it comes time to set your flooring, we carry a wide selection of tile mortar, tile caulk, tile spacers and adhesives.

All About Grout 

Grout is an important part of the process when installing tile. Sanded grout works well on areas with heavy foot traffic, while non-sanded grout is great for vertical surfaces. Choose grout from Fusion Pro, Prism or Polyblend.

In addition to grout, we have lots of grout bags. A grout bag allows you to work longer without having to worry about refills. We also carry grout saws and grout remover tools to assist with your project.

Let Us Help You 

If you need flooring tools to finish your job, be sure to visit the Tool & Truck Center at your local store to rent tools for your flooring project. And if you need a little help, check out our project guides and buying guides for advice and step-by-step instructions on installing your beautiful new floors.