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Home Office Desks

Your home office environment should inspire you to get work done, and that starts with a proper desk. Clean up a cluttered workspace—or upgrade from the dining room table—with a home office desk that fits your needs. 
Consider Quality and Function 

Look for a home office desk with a sturdy base that’s built to last. Heavy wood desks can stand up to years of daily use. Choose a lighter computer desk if you’re assembling it on your own. Just make sure you have enough desktop real estate to hold a mouse, a lamp and a monitor. Borrowing office space from a guest room? A laptop stand hides away quickly when visitors arrive. 

Think About How You Work 

Find a desk that supports your unique work habits. Choose a small desk that leaves room to get up and move about if you tend to multitask while you’re on the phone. If you manage a lot of paperwork, select a desk with drawers or cubbies. Think about how your posture will hold up throughout the day and find a model that’s not too high or low. Adjustable-height desks are a flexible option that allows you stand or sit as you work. 

Keep in mind that the shape of the desk can affect how you work. An L-shaped desk gives you ample space and allows you to pivot between two work surfaces. A smaller corner desk makes the most of the space in the room. Place one in tight spots like the bedroom or kitchen. 

Add Some Style 

Working from home doesn't mean your office has to be all business. Try these tips to create a well-styled desk that boosts your productivity and makes work more fun. 
● Brighten a dark room with a white office desk. Pair it with a patterned chair to warm it up, or stick to red, gray or black accents to keep things simple.
● Add some whimsy to a classic office with the curving lines of a Provence-style desk.
● Use hidden storage to corral clutter. Style an airy Parsons desk with plenty of baskets and boxes to stash papers and office supplies.
● Personalize the space with a quirky desk accessory or eye-catching lamp.