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What Size Mailbox?

The US postal office defines curbside mailboxes in three sizes and two styles- Traditional (T) and Contemporary (C). Dimensions reflect the mailbox interior width by height and by length

Standard Mailbox Standard Mailbox

401-999 cubic inches

Large Mailbox Large Mailbox

1000-1,750 cubic inches

Extra large mailbox Extra Large Mailbox

>1,751 cubic inches

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About Mailboxes

Mailboxes do more than just hold your mail for you. They can look good and boost your home’s curb appeal while keeping your packages safe and secure. You have a variety of mailboxes to choose from - in style, sizes, materials and functionality.

So Many Mailboxes, How Do You Choose?

Popular decorative fixtures, wall mounted mailboxes are commonly hung on a home’s exterior wall near the entryway for mail delivery. They add a stylistic visual appeal to your home. Go classic or get a modern mailbox. Choose what matches your home’s architecture.

Classic, post-mounted mailboxes are iconic and traditional, yet fully functional for today’s package-delivery lifestyle. Get them in any size and material. Consider rust-proof materials to make your mailbox last season after season.

Locked Mailboxes Stop Package Theft

Of course, a security camera pointed at your driveway or front porch will help deter theft. But, a mailbox with lock is a simple and easy solution for mailbox security. We offer thousands of locking mailboxes in every mount type for you to choose from. If you expect a high volume of mail, consider a parcel locker with security options.

We offer a wide selection of multi-unit and cluster mailboxes that can serve apartment buildings or office buildings of every capacity.