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Find the Best Humidifier for Your Home

Cold winter weather saps moisture from the air, causing dry skin, irritated sinuses and even uncomfortable sleeping conditions. A humidifier is one of the easiest ways to bring healthy air back into your home. 

Types of Humidifiers 

If you want to add moisture to your entire house, consider a whole house humidifier. This professionally installed system uses forced-air ducts to add moisture throughout your home. Just need to humidify a single room? Try a smaller, more portable option that doesn’t require permanent installation. 

How They Work 

An air humidifier can generate either warm or cool mist. Depending on the model, cool mist can be generated in a number of ways. Ultrasonic models use vibration. Evaporative models use a fan to blow air over water, while impeller types use a spinning disk to aerosolize water. 

A warm mist type heats water to boiling and emits steam. These aren’t suggested for use around children. A baby humidifier is a better choice in a child’s room. 

Understanding Ratings 

Humidifiers are typically rated by the room size. The best choice is one that fits the space. Using a large room machine in a small room may promote mold or bacterial growth, while an undersized model won’t be able to properly increase or maintain humidity levels.

Watch this video to learn more, and review this buying guide to see the many features available in today’s models.

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