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Consider a low-watt LED light bulb with the same wattage equivalency as an incandescent bulb. 

You’ll get a comparable amount of lumens, or brightness. Plus, you'll save energy and money.

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Light bulbs can do more than just brighten up a room. They can set a mood, save energy and increase safety. Thing is, you have so many options it can be a challenge to find the right lighting. LED light bulbs, black lights, halogen light bulbs - the list goes on in all kinds of shapes, sizes and watts.

So Many Light Bulb Choices

Incandescent light bulbs were the traditional light bulb standard for many years, but LED light bulbs are the new go-to bulb for many reasons. They use less energy and last longer. They get bright instantly and can produce a light color range from warm yellow to cool bluer white. CFL light bulbs are also long lasting, up to ten times longer than incandescents while using around 75 percent less energy to produce the same brightness. The CFL light color ranges from warm yellow to cool blue. 

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Check the packaging for specifics about the bulb wattage and lumens. Color temperatures are noted on the packaging with a color codes for convenience: soft white light bulbs have an orange stripe, bright white light bulbs have a yellow stripe, and daylight light bulbs are marked with a light blue stripe. 

Light Bulb Basics
Lumens = the amount of light the bulb gives off
Wattage = the amount of energy a bulb uses

To choose the most energy-efficient light bulb, check the lumens per watt ratio on the bulb’s packaging. The greater the lumens-to-watts ratio, the more energy efficiency the bulb provides.

Elevate Your Decor 
Style isn’t the first thing you think about when you hear “light bulb.” But, you can update your decor with a simple light bulb swap. Decorative light bulbs come in a range of styles. Exposed antique light bulbs or vintage light bulbs can become focal points to a room. Imagine the look and feel of a room lit by a collection of Edison bulbs, reproductions of the of the filament Edison light bulbs made popular at the turn of the 20th century. Give your lamp a style boost. 

Light Bulbs Do More
Motion sensing light bulbs can provide safe passage through dark halls or stairways at night. Night lights provide comfort in a child’s bedroom or bathrooms at night when you don’t want to flip on overheads. Help secure your home or office with some outdoor LED flood lights. Cars do well with LED headlights. For bright, long-lasting night driving capability. Headlamps are crucial at night for camping or working in dark spaces. If you grow plants indoors or try your hand at hydroponics, UV lights will make the difference. They’re also good for keeping your skin healthy, especially through the winter seasons.

Imagine how cool you’d feel if you could start a party with a simple command, “Hey Google. Turn on the party lights.” Smart bulbs paired with your home automation system can make it happen, especially if that tips the system off to hit the color changing light bulbs. No party would be complete without colored light bulbs. You don’t need a hub for wifi light bulbs or bluetooth light bulbs, but some smart bulbs require a home automation hub.

We make it easy to shop for the perfect color light for your needs. follow our simple color coded packaging!
The Home Depot will deliver light bulbs for free. So stock up on fluorescent light bulbs for the office or appliance light bulbs for your home.


The Kodak LED Lighting 4-Watt 120-Volt C10 E12 The Kodak LED Lighting 4-Watt 120-Volt C10 E12 Flame Tip LED Filament Bulb has a clear glass body that rises and bends to a point like a transparent flame. This bulb casts light in all directions including down and is properly centered so chandeliers and shaded fixtures illuminate with no ...  More + Product Details Close
The Kodak LED Lighting 55000-UL bulb employs special The Kodak LED Lighting 55000-UL bulb employs special Linear LED filament technology that creates a perfect replica of incandescent light output and beam pattern. Light is properly centered so chandeliers and shaded fixtures illuminate with no shadowing or dark spots. With its clear lens-body this lamp casts light in all ...  More + Product Details Close
Optimal spectrum high efficiency quality components and sturdy Optimal spectrum high efficiency quality components and sturdy construction make Newhouse Lighting bulbs the smart choice for your color lighting needs. This grow light bulb has a complete spectrum tuned for plant growth. Red and blue LED’s target chlorophyll absorption. Far red LED’s specifically target photoreceptors called phytochromes in flowering ...  More + Product Details Close
TOGGLED Grow Lamps are engineered to provide improved TOGGLED Grow Lamps are engineered to provide improved growing performance for green leafy plants using selected LED output wavelengths. All TOGGLED LED tubes work within existing fluorescent light fixtures and eliminate ballast replacement cost buzz noise and light flicker. The lamps are mercury-free and energy efficient and designed to work ...  More + Product Details Close