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Warm weather brings with it lush lawns and gorgeous gardens, but it also means staying on top of keeping them healthy and hydrated. Be sure to properly care for your outdoor oasis by developing and maintaining a watering and irrigation system that will protect your yard even during the dog days of summer.

All the Basics & More
Visit The Home Depot to pick up all of the above ground watering and irrigation supplies that you'll need this season. We make your lawn care easy by offering a wide selection of products for your convenience. Create a customized plant watering system that best fits your yard. Pick up a sprinkler hose and choose from a variety of nozzles and wands.

Precise Watering is Within Reach
You can also find hose timers and misting systems to ensure that your lawn is watered consistently and on a timely basis. There are even Wi-Fi enabled smart timers that allow you to control your watering schedule, zones and amounts right from your smart device.

You’ll also find an extensive selection of irrigation and drip irrigation systems and supplies at The Home Depot. We carry the basics like PVC irrigation pipe and drainage pipes and accessories, as well as products to make your irrigation process easier. You can also visit homedepot.com for information about how to properly buy and install drip irrigation. Explore our helpful general watering tips and educational tools to help you design a sprinkler system that works best for your unique yard.


Auto Rain Lawn Gear Irrigation Systems are easy Auto Rain Lawn Gear Irrigation Systems are easy to install operate and maintain. Following installation hook the poly pipe to your home spigot (s) turn it on and you are ready for a full season of trouble- free lawn irrigation. No more hauling and repositioning hoses or wasting water with ...  More + Product Details Close
Use the DIG 1/4 in. Porous Soaker Hose Use the DIG 1/4 in. Porous Soaker Hose to water flowerbeds potted plants containers and vegetable gardens. Constructed of UV-resistant materials the porous soaker hose is made of extruded recycled rubber material. The extruded porous soaker tubing has many tiny holes and when under pressure sweats along the full length ...  More + Product Details Close
DIG's 1/4 in polyethylene micro tubing is available DIG's 1/4 in polyethylene micro tubing is available in coil lengths of 50 100 and 500 feet. This commercial grade polyethylene micro tubing (Distribution tubing) is made of high quality linear low-density polyethylene resin. The micro tubing is manufactured with an antioxidant and contains 2% concentrated Carbon Black to protect ...  More + Product Details Close
Nurture beautiful lawn areas and flower beds with Nurture beautiful lawn areas and flower beds with either the misting or irrigation mode of the controller. No more climbing around hedges and landscaped areas to access the hose faucet. Easily add irrigation or misting to small lawn or garden areas terraces and potted plants using your hose faucet. Simple ...  More + Product Details Close