Maintain your landscape with 
trimmers & edgers

Trimmer Tool Type

Gas Trimmers deliver high power and perform best when using non-ethanol gasoline.

Cordless Trimmers provide gas-like power with batteries, are easy to start, and are low maintenance.

Electric Trimmers deliver a consistent amount of power and require an electrical outlet.

Trimmer Brands & Platforms

Cordless tool batteries can also power other tools made by the same manufacturer under the same brand platform. Choose a cordless drill or trimmer that has a battery that transfers easily to other tools to expand the reach of your outdoor power equipment. Most batteries can power blowers, hedge trimmers, pole saws, edgers and more.

Battery Considerations

Compatibility & Power

  • • Cordless trimmers are easy to maintain and use, while being just as mobile as gas models
  • • Cordless trimmers can be compatible with
    existing tool batteries
  • • Consider your yard size and run time requirements before choosing a voltage
battery platform

Attachment Capability

  • • Some trimmers can be fitted with various attachments to expand your landscaping reach

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18V - 24V String Trimmers

  • • Most 18- 24-volt batteries can handle small to medium size yards on a single charge in under 45 minutes
  • • Low-voltage models are lighter and are comparable to electric model power

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36V+ String Trimmers

  • • Large size yards require a high voltage, such as 36 or more that run longer
  • • High-voltage models have longer run times and power comparable to gas models

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Fill All Your Trimmer & Edger Needs

For the best-kept lawn all year long, shop our complete selection of string trimmers and edgers including gas, cordless and electric trimmers, hedge trimmers and weed wackers at The Home Depot. You'll also find versatile power heads for use with a variety of trimmer attachments, as well as brush cutters for clearing rough grass, thickets, shrubs and dense undergrowth. Should you need replacement trimmer line, we carry an ample selection sure to match your chosen brand. 

Power Considerations

If trimmer power is the most important feature to you, choose a gas-powered model. If extending your reach is important, consider a cordless trimmer as you will not be limited by how much gas you have in the tank or the reach of your electrical cord. If cost is most important, go with an electric trimmer.

Expand Your Reach

If you have a favorite brand of cordless power tools, many offer battery platforms that you can use as an outdoor power tool base that can expand via tool attachments. These attachments can turn your power tools into a blower, pole saw, pruner and more.

Whether you're manicuring the lawn around delicate flower beds with a weed trimmer, sculpting hedges into yard art with a hedge trimmer, conquering unruly undergrowth with the help of a brush cutter, or just edging your driveway and sidewalks, you'll find the power and performance you need from the best brands you know and trust at The Home Depot.