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Patio Furniture Covers

Keep your patio furniture looking flawless in the summer by caring for it properly all year long. Shield your outdoor tables and chairs from the elements with patio furniture covers that can withstand everything nature has in store. 

Types of Patio Furniture Covers 

Today’s furniture covers offer the perfect fit for your entire patio set. You can choose from outdoor sofa covers and oversized chair covers to fire pit covers and patio heater covers. A square or round-shaped patio table covering can protect a metal table from rust and water damage. Select patio chair covers to prevent the cushions from fading in the harsh sun. Or, choose one patio set cover to cover your tables and chairs all together. You can also remove and store your cushions in a cushion bag. The straps make it easy to carry from the basement to the patio in one trip. 

Keep a coordinated look with matching covers for your fire pit, umbrella and grill. Many come in earth tones that blend in with the backyard. 

Look for covers that have easy-fasten buckle clips and cords to keep them tightly secured over oddly-shaped pieces. Also, consider the fabric. Heavy, rip-stop materials will prevent ripping and tearing from high winds and debris. Finally, look for waterproof patio furniture covers—they’ll help your pieces stand up to rain and snow. 
How Covers Protect Your Patio Furniture 

Whatever the weather in your region, patio furniture covers can help protect your outdoor furniture. 

• Sun Damage. Sun can fade colored fabric and eventually break down almost any material. Select patio furniture coverings that block powerful UV rays to keep your furniture looking like new for years.
• Moisture. Rain and snow can age and rust your outdoor furniture. Look for features like seam-sealing tape and ventilated paneling. These help avoid condensation and prevent mold and mildew. All furniture covers should sit off the ground to prevent soaking up water.
• Wind. High winds—or destructive animals—can damage your tables and chairs. Anchor straps will help keep your outdoor furniture covers secure on windy days. 
Be sure to choose covers that fit your furniture snuggly for maximum protection. Measure your pieces and look for covers that can adjust to fit your furniture appropriately. When fair weather is back in the forecast, covers are easy to remove, clean and store.

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