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About Garage Storage

The garage isn’t just a place to park your car anymore. When it comes to garage organization and garage storage, your garage can serve as a workshop and hobby center, an area for workbenches, garage cabinets and utility carts, and occasionally a place to park your car.­ ­

Today’s garage storage systems offer structure and organization that will clear the clutter and increase garage storage space, making your life easier.­

Garage Organization
Shelves and garage cabinets are a great option for garage storage and garage organization, as they allow for the storage of a wide range of items. They can be used as freestanding units, anchored to the wall, or attached to the ceiling to utilize every available inch of garage storage space. Shelf brackets allow you to turn any open wall space into extra storage.­

Be sure to store frequently used items in accessible areas, and seasonal items such as holiday decorations or camping equipment in garage overhead storage . Storage containers like totes and baskets as well as garage cabinets, hooks, garage racks, pegboards and wall panels provide other storage options.­ ­ 

If you’re a fan of Husky products, be sure to check out our selection of Husky garage cabinets for great garage organization options. We also have garage sports organizers so you can neatly store your sports equipment like balls, gloves or rackets.­ ­ 

Garage storage shelves come in a variety of materials and are available in freestanding and wall-mounted configurations to help with garage organization. Garage shelving may be constructed from wood, steel, plastic or wire. A set of storage drawers is a quick way to get things organized. When considering heavy duty garage shelving, make sure the material is rated to withstand the maximum load it will bear. Adjustable shelves can accommodate larger objects, while freestanding shelves can easily be moved if you need to reconfigure your garage. ­

Organize Your Garage Walls

While you may not have considered the upper walls and ceiling of your garage for storage, you can easily reach them and the items stored there with ladders, pulleys and hydraulic lifts. Wall panels are designed for installation on your garage walls. They provide grooves or holes for a wide range of accessories and may be used in conjunction with hooks, shelves, baskets, garage storage bins and more. Wall panels can also easily be reconfigured as storage needs change.­ ­

If you regularly park your car, riding lawn mower or any other large vehicles in your garage, measure the amount of space you have available for storage along the walls while your vehicles are in the garage. Allow yourself several feet of space so that you can move easily between the walls and vehicles and avoid accidentally dropping anything from the wall onto your vehicle.­

We Can Help You Clear the Clutter
Once you decide how to organize your items and what should be stored together, look to us for all of your garage storage needs. We can give you garage storage ideas and point you in the direction of the products that will help make your idea a reality.