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Great for heavy duty jobs and longer lasting, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

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Compatible with a variety of battery packs, going cordless offers convenience and more time saved since you won’t need a compressor.

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Nail Guns, Air Compressors & Tools

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Air Compressors by Type


Portable air compressors make work easy. Use them at your workstation at home or take them to the jobsite.

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More powerful than traditional power tools, stationary air compressors provide the high volume of air needed for powering automotive and production air tools.

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Air Compressors by Power Source

Electric Power

Electric air compressors are the most popular power source because of long run time.

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Gas Power

Gas-powered air compressors have a high output and more mobility because there’s no need to plug into a power source.

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Battery Power

Cut the cord and take your work wherever you need to go with a battery-powered air compressor.

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We’ve Got the Power: Air Compressors, Nail Guns & Air Tools

Take the elbow grease out of your next project and leave the heavy lifting to the air compressor. Air compressor power tools, also called pneumatic tools, are generally faster, lighter and more powerful than traditional power tools.

Portable vs. Stationary
Portable air compressors offer easy mobility and are ideal for both home and the job site. Stationary air compressors are more powerful than traditional power tools and provide a high volume of air. The Home Depot has a large collection of both stationary air compressors and portable air compressors.

Nail Guns & Staplers: Corded vs. Cordless
Our nail guns and staplers will help you complete any project. Corded nailers and staplers are long lasting and great for heavy duty jobs, while cordless nail guns and staplers are convenient because you won’t need a compressor. They’re also compatible with a variety of battery packs. And be sure not to forget your collated fasteners. We’ve got collated finishing nails, collated flooring nails, collated framing nails, collated roofing nails, collated screws and pneumatic staples.

Choose Your Power Source
When choosing an air compressor, consider the power source. Electric air compressors are popular because of their long run time. Need to take the show on the road? Gas and battery powered compressors are easy to move around because there’s no need to plug into a power source.

Not sure what air compressor is right for you? Take a look at our air compressors buying guide for some help. We can also help you choose the right nail gun for your project.