Makita and Ryobi drills and impact drivers on a workshop table


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Types of Drills & Use Case Considerations

Having the right drill will make your project easier

Drills vs. Impact Drivers Buying Guide

Power Drills

Corded or cordless drills can handle a wide variety of tasks, including drilling holes and driving screws in and out

Impact Drivers

Designed to tighten or loosen large screws or bolts and deliver more power and torque than standard power drills

Hammer Drills

Similar to standard power drills, but with a hammering function to drill into masonry

Rotary Drills

Heavy-duty drills designed to drill into concrete and other masonry

Cordless Technology

Cordless Drills & Impact Drivers

Enable drilling and driving tasks anywhere with a charged battery

Cordless Combo Kits

Feature a cordless power drill and other power tools, along with batteries, chargers and a tool box, bag or protective case

Cordless Drill Platforms

RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt

  • • 18-volt system with 100+ power tools running off the same battery
  • • Tools are 100% backwards compatible with all RYOBI ONE+ 18-volt batteries
  • • Available exclusively at The Home Depot
RYOBI One+ 18-volt
RIDGID 18-volt

RIDGID 18-Volt

  • • Outstanding warranty coverage with LSA, with free batteries, parts, and service for life with valid product registration
  • • Tools are 100% backwards compatible with all RIDGID 18-volt batteries
  • • Available exclusively at The Home Depot

Milwaukee M18 18-Volt

  • • Professional grade power, performance and ergonomics
  • • 150+ tools that are fully compatible with the M18 system
  • • REDLINK Intelligence prevents damage from overloading or overheating
  • • M18 REDLITHIUM offers longer run times and battery life
Milwaukee M18
Makita LXT 18-volt

Makita LXT 18-Volt

  • • Protects against overload, overheating and over-discharge for up to 50% longer run times and motor life
  • • Up to 3 times faster charges with a built-in air fan
  • • Efficient power management and performance monitoring with tool and battery communication


  • • 100+ products in the 20-Volt MAX line, with upgraded features, ergonomic designs and Lithium-Ion batteries
  • • XR® 20-Volt MAX series offers brushless motors, advanced electronics and extended run-time batteries
  • • FLEXVOLT 20-Volt/60-Volt MAX tools feature high performance brushless motors
  • • FLEXVOLT MAX batteries automatically change voltage for backwards compatibility

Benefits of Brushless Motors

Brushless motors enable more torque than standard motors, along with greater run times and motor lifespans

Shop Brushless Drills

Batteries & Chargers

Drill Bits

Using the right drill bit is paramount to your project’s success. Make sure you match the proper bit with the material it is designed to bore.

Shop All Bits

Masonry & Tile Bits

Specialty bits designed to drill into stone, concrete, tile and masonry

Driving Drill Bits

Typical bits usually designed for wood or metal

Twist Drill Bits

Standard-type drill bits used for drilling holes in metal, wood, plastic and other materials

Drill Bit Sets

Contain most types of bits, including spade, lip and spur, masonry and twist

Ensure DIY Success with Power Drills & Drill Bits

Drills are key power tool staples for every DIYer and homeowner. Some electric drills have power cords and require an electrical outlet and steady supply of electricity for proper operation. Cordless drills offer unlimited range and maximum power with a fully charged battery and are available in 12-, 18- and 20-volts.

Handheld power drills can perform a variety of tasks. The most common are drilling holes and driving screws 

Specialty drills include hammer drills, impact drivers and rotary drills. They are primarily used for drilling into concrete, stone and masonry. Electric screwdrivers also speed up the process of driving screws in and out of various materials.

To ensure your drill delivers the ultimate performance, pair it with the right drill bit for the material you are using. Wood, metal, plastic and masonry each require different types of drill bits. If you use the wrong drill bit, your drill will have to work harder and may provide subpar results.

Brushless motor drills offer more torque and a longer lifespan than standard power drills. Should your DIY projects require high-level usage and maximum performance, consider a drill with a brushless motor.

If you are looking for more than one type drill for your workbench, consider investing in a combo kit that offers a standard power drill, a specialty drill, a charger, batteries and carrying case.


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