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Create Mobile Storage With Tool Carts

A tool cart or service cart is a gamechanger in any workspace. It provides shelves and drawers to help keep you organized, giving you more time to focus on your work. A rolling tool cart is especially handy for people who need to transport tools around the workshop, garage or job site.

Storage Configurations 

The most common types of work carts have a combination of drawers and shelves in a stainless steel frame on wheels. Two drawers are often enough for the weekend hobbyist. If you have a more extensive tool collection or need a mechanic cart, choose one with additional tool storage options.

The simplest choice is a utility cart on wheels. Those made from a durable plastic like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are lightweight but sturdy. Carts with steel frames are even sturdier and many come with adjustable shelves. Their open shelves make them ideal for large or odd-sized objects that don’t fit in drawers.

Tool Cart Features 
To make the most of your tool cart, look for these design features:

Ball-bearing drawers. There are two basic types of tool carts with drawers: slide designs, friction and ball bearing. Slides with ball-bearing assemblies are smoother to open and close and more durable. However, this is a more expensive option.

Casters. Look for swivel casters with locks on at least two wheels to keep the cart in place. Here’s a good rule of thumb: The more you’re going to move your storage cart around, the bigger and more sturdy the wheels need to be.

Lids. Some lids are a simple flip-top design, which works well in most home workshops or garages. Slide-top tool cabinets are either split in the middle or slide in one or both directions. This is a good option for a tight space with no room to open a flip lid. If you need a work surface on top of your cart, look for heavy gauge metal or wood tops made for that purpose. 

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