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Smart Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

Building curb appeal is not just good for keeping the neighbors happy, but it’s also good for boosting your home’s resale value. It doesn’t matter if your architecture style is classic craftsman or mid-century modern, a few updated exterior design elements can take any house to new levels. 


Creating Exterior Style

One of the easiest ways to add style to your space is with exterior doors. Welcome guests and highlight your entryway by painting the front door in a bold, contrasting color. Another option is to install a full-glass door or sidelight windows for more detail on the outside and more natural light on the inside. 

Focus on the Exterior Material Details 

The type of material used for your structure is usually based on the style of architecture design. Everything from the siding profile to the type of shingles can influence your overall look.

Even the use of architectural style shingles over traditional asphalt roofing or can add dramatic gains to your home’s overall curb appeal. It is also important to be consistent with the materials that were common to the home’s architectural period. You’ll want to note if the house is made of natural materials like stone and wood siding or more modern materials such as vinyl siding and concrete. 

Know How to Protect Your Exterior

Updating with the right materials can not only improve the appearance, but they can also help extend the life of your home and cut down on frequent maintenance. Using weather-resistant materials like fiber-cement siding or composite siding can provide the right style with long-lasting protection against the elements. Even a new trending exterior paint color or a tinted exterior wood coating can breathe new life into an older home. And when these finishes are applied every few years, they can give added years of performance to the right building materials. 

We Can Help Make it Home

Whether you’re building an addition with veneer stone siding or updating the trim on your bungalow – The Home Depot has what you need to complete the project. Best of all, we can help with the products, tools, know-how, professional services and even with financing – all-in-one place.