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The Home Depot can now act as an exporter from several South Florida cities. That means we will work with U.S. Customs on your behalf to get export clearance and comply with U.S. export regulations for your purchase shipments out of the country. Shop thousands of products from the best brands and we'll ship directly from our store to your port. Shipping starting at $109.

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What is it?

The Home Depot will take on the responsibility of shipping your purchases internationally in areas where we offer full exporting services. To find out if your store is included, contact our international sales staff. Our Associates will help guide you through the entire process. Whether your project involves do-it-yourself, contractor or supplier products, we're dedicated to getting the job done right.


How does it work?

Simply place an order through the International Sales Department by phone, through email or at the in-store Pro/Commercial Sales desk/Special Services Desk. We'll handle international shipping procedures if The Home Depot offers full exporting services in your area.


What can ship?

Most general merchandise from The Home Depot can ship internationally. (U.S. government regulations, restrictions and additional fees may apply.)

  • Choose your own freight forwarded and we'll make sure to walk you through the process
    • Can't find an item online or in store? Call or e-mail us! We have access to many special order items. We can also suggest alternate products with the same functionality and price range
      • There is no minimum order required

        Call 1-888-843-7055 or email

        For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
        Prices in our catalogs and shoppers, as well as on our web site, are subject to change, so please confirm before placing an order (transportation fees are separate). All other expenses (including, but not restricted to, ocean freight, forwarding fees, insurance, documentation, customs, duties, crating, additional delivery fees) are the customer's responsibility. If a customer does not have a freight forwarder, The Home Depot will provide names of companies who render this service to the customer's intended final destination. The Home Depot is not responsible for damages caused to products after the merchandise has left our facility.