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You have a beautiful deck. Solid wood, exquisite finish. It's a great place for cookouts and family get-togethers. But what's going on underneath that nice deck? Most likely, an unsightly mess of water-stained crossboards and cobwebs. It doesn't have to look like that. The UnderDeck™ ceiling system can turn the ugly space under your deck into an outdoor haven that's dry, bright, clean and enjoyable – without costly reconstruction. What makes the UnderDeck ceiling so innovative is its simple and efficient system of vinyl gutters and panels which attach underneath the deck. Once installed, this attractive ceiling captures and diverts water and debris that fall through the gaps in your deck so you can enjoy the area below. Best of all, UnderDeck is easy to install and requires no deck reconstruction. It's made of durable, exterior-grade vinyl for all-weather performance and snaps in and out for cleaning.

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What You'll Need

The UnderDeck system is made up of four separate components, all of which are crucial to a successful installation. Before beginning, you'll need to measure your deck and buy the correct amount of all four items. To ensure that you order the correct quantity of each component, use the methods below to calculate the necessary supplies.

1. Joist Rails

To determine the number of joist rail pieces necessary, multiply the number of joist spaces by the length of the joist in inches. Multiply the result by two. Divide this number by 37 to find out how many joist rails you will need.

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2. Collector Panels

You'll need a Collector Panel for every space between the joists. Collector Panels are available in different lenghts and widths. No matter what width you need, be sure to order a length that is longer than the joist space you will be installing the panel into. If the width of your joist space measures: 3-1/8" to 8" – Purchase Collector Panels of the same width as the joist space 8-1/8" to 15" – Purchase Collector Panels 1/2" wider than the joist space 15-1/8" to 18" – Purchase Collector Panels 1" wider than the joist space 18-1/8" to 22-1/2" – Purchase Collector Panels 1-1/2" wider than the joist space.

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3. Joist Gutters

You will need a joist gutter for every inside joist. Select a length longer than the length of the joist you will be installing the gutter on.

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4. Boundary Gutters

You will need a boundary gutter for every outside joist. Select a length longer than the length of the joist you will be installing the gutter on.

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Use the chart below to help you approximate the amount of UnderDeck materials you will need to complete an installation.