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Winter Weather Preparation

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From mild winter weather to extreme snow storms, we have what you need 

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Winter Weather Ready

Winter storms can cause power outages, road blockages, physical damage to your home and more. In cold winter weather, you want to be prepared and protected with the right tools and equipment. We are here to help you survive harsh weather conditions all year round.

Prepare for Winter Weather Storms 

To winterize your home is to equip your family and living space with supplies that will help you manage any damage, loss or shortages in the storm.

Let’s look at three areas you can prepare for this winter.
• Home: Inside your home is where you feel safest during a blizzard or excessive rainstorms. Use foam, rubber or vinyl weather stripping to insulate areas where cracks can let cold air in or heat is released out. Be sure to inspect your furnace for leaks where poisonous gas can escape.
• Outdoors: The exterior of your home can create unsafe conditions during and after the winter storm. Use a snow blower or roof rake to clear snow, leaves and any loose, hanging items from the outside of your house to prevent clogging and long-term damage. In cold winter temperatures, rain can freeze on your driveway and walkways, causing slip and falls. Products like ice melt, commercial heaters and salt spreaders will help prevent and protect areas from icy conditions.
• Power: It only takes minor weather changes to make a major impact on your electricity. Prevent loss of light with a home generator. It will have you up and running within seconds of losing power. 

Find helpful tips on how to winterize your home and auto with our do-it-yourself guides and videos.

Protect from the Cold Winter Weather

No matter where you live, it’s important to keep comfortable and safe as cooler weather arrives. A great start to keep a flow of heat indoors is to have a portable heater on hand. Winter fires are common when electric heaters and gas heaters are not properly placed. Position space heaters on solid, flat surfaces to avoid tip-over. Plug the heater directly into an outlet and keep it 3 feet away from combustible items.

For those chilly winter nights, cue up the fireplace in your living area or fire pit in the backyard. If you have a small deck, a patio heater will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the added charcoal or gas.

In Case of Emergency – Winter Weather Safety

Do you know how to shut off your water valves if a pipe bursts? Is there a fire-extinguisher on hand in your home? Do you have extra fuel outdoor for your car? Have your fireplace and heaters been inspected annually for safety? Between your house and car, there is a lot of ground to cover on steps to take for winter preparedness and weather emergencies.

We’ve created a brief list of products to have available during tough winter weather emergencies:

• Candles
Extra Batteries
• Lighters
• Non-perishable food (dried fruit, nuts, granola board and canned food)
• Bottled water
First Aid kits, supplies and any prescription medicine
• Functioning Carbon Monoxide detector
• Functioning Smoke detector
• Fuel (kept outdoor away from flammable and combustible items)

We Have What You Need 

Winter storms can be dangerous by causing icy roadways and walkways, in temperatures that pose safety risks. The Home Depot offers free delivery and in-store pickup on over one million items that can prepare you for what winter has to offer. Visit us online or in-store to shop our wide range of cold-weather prep items, such as snow shovels, HVAC supplies, gloves and apparel, generator accessories and so much more.