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How to Use Quick Add


Use item codes to add products directly to your cart.  




Access “Quick Add” from the header links. You will find it in the top right corner of the page, just under the cart icon. 


Step 1


STEP 2: 

Option 1: Manual Entry

Add products to your cart using the store SKU, internet number or model number. Type in the code and the desired quantity to see the item description and unit price. If the product is in stock, a green check mark will appear in the inventory column.

Note: UPC codes and Store SO SKUS cannot be used for “Quick Add.”

Step 2



Option 2: Bulk Upload

Bulk upload all your item codes (store SKU, internet number or model number) at once. Download our spreadsheet template, and fill in the item code and desired quantity for each item. Save the file to your computer. Once you have completed the template and saved it, select “Choose File” and upload the template. Choose “Upload” to confirm. The items in your file and desired quantities will appear in the “Quick Add” field.

Note: You can add up to 75 items using a spreadsheet.

Step 3



Option 3: Copy & Paste

You can also use Quick Add by pasting your item list into the “Copy & Paste Your Item List” field. This form is available under the spreadsheet template. Paste each item code (store SKU, internet number or model number) on its own line and add your desired quantity. Use the format “Item Code, Quantity”.

Example: 2670000, 50

Choose “Upload” when you have entered your items (up to 75 maximum).

Step 4



To make your purchase, select “Add to Cart”. To start over, select “Clear All” to clear all items from your list. This action cannot be undone.

Step 5



Quick Add is also accessible from your shopping cart. Select “Quick Add” to expand your list and quickly add items straight from the shopping cart page.

Step 6