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How to Sync to QuickBooks



Export your order history to QuickBooks® to manage all of your purchasing in one system.


Step 1:

Visit the “Purchase History” page accessible through the homepage, header drop-down menu or the “My Account” page.

Step 1


Step 2:

Hover over the “QuickBooks Export” icon for more information. To export purchase history, click “QuickBooks Export”.

Step 2


Step 3:

Select your QuickBooks product and export your transactions. You can only export 390 transactions from The Home Depot® at one time when using a QuickBooks Online account. 

Note: There is no transaction limit when using QuickBooks Desktop. Follow QuickBooks’ online tutorial walk-through for desktop assistance.

Step 3


Step 4:

Select “Summary Data” to have order-level information exported into QuickBooks. Select “Detail Data” to have SKU-level information exported into QuickBooks.

Step 4


Step 5:

Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.

Note: You do not have to log in when using QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 5


Step 6:

Select “Connect” to begin the syncing process once you have agreed to the terms and conditions.


Step 6


Step 7:

The Home Depot and QuickBooks syncing process will begin.

Step 7


Step 8:

A notification will appear that the sync is complete. You will see a list of which transactions were successfully exported to QuickBooks and be informed of any errors.

Step 8


Step 9:

You will now be able to view your transactions in QuickBooks. 
Note: The syncing process will only take place for QuickBooks Online.

Step 9


FAQs Section


Q: What is QuickBooks?

A: QuickBooks is a third-party accounting software that allows registered users to download transactions from various vendors. QuickBooks currently has two different products: Online and Desktop. Home Depot offers direct integration with both products.


Q: What does the QuickBooks integration allow?

A: Direct integration with QuickBooks allows you to download your purchase history directly into your QuickBooks account.