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How to Sync to QuickBooks

Export your order history to QuickBooks to easily manage all your purchasing.
The "View all Purchases" is in the right corner of the "Recent Purchases" dashboard.
"QuickBooks Export" is on the upper right side of the Purchase History page.
Select the export button under your QuickBooks product.
Select the orange "Export" button to confirm and continue.
The QuickBooks sign-in screen will appear. Log in to your account.
Use the "Connect" button to begin the syncing process.
The Home Depot and QuickBooks logos will appear while the systems sync.
You will see a green check mark and "Sync Completed!" once the process is finished.
FAQs Section

Q: What is QuickBooks?

A: QuickBooks is a third-party accounting software that allows registered users to download transactions from various vendors. QuickBooks currently has two different products: Online and Desktop. Home Depot offers direct integration with both products. 

Q: What does the QuickBooks integration allow?

A: Direct integration allows you to download your The Home Depot purchase history directly into your QuickBooks account.

Q: Are there additional steps to setting up QuickBooks integration?

A:  The Home Depot must be a vendor in your QuickBooks account. All transactions export at the summary level and appear under the following credit card: Home Depot–QuickBooks Purchases.