Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

Updating your cabinets is a great way to modernize your kitchen without a major investment

Updating your cabinets is a great way to modernize your kitchen without a major home investment

If your kitchen cabinetry offers the storage you need and the configuration you like but looks a little dated, consider simple refreshes as an alternative to replacement. This guide will teach you some simple and cost-effective tips to give your kitchen cabinets a facelift.  

Safety: Remember that sagging shelves, hanging rails or frail cabinetry should be replaced and not just refinished.

What You Need

Cabinet refacing
Cabinet refacing - Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

• The Home Depot Cabinet Refacing service can update the look of your kitchen without a major remodel.
• Revitalize your kitchen cabinets with custom-made wood or thermofoil doors and drawer fronts in various styles and finishes.
• All exposed cabinet surfaces are covered to match your new door and drawer fronts.

Renew wood kitchen cabinets
Renew wood - Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

• The Home Depot Cabinet Refacing Service uses N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal. It cleans the grime and old coatings from wood cabinetry to restore its natural luster.
• The N-Hance refinishing process does not produce dust, mess or noxious fumes normally associated with traditional refinishing.

Painting, repainting or staining
Painting, repainting staining - Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

• Painting can extend the life of wood or laminate cabinetry. 
• Latex paints are extremely durable, even on high-traffic surfaces. It’s best to buy the 100 precent acrylic formulation.
• Oil paint is harder to clean up, but many professionals like its super-smooth finish.
• Stripping, sanding and re-staining existing kitchen cabinetry enhances the beauty of natural wood. Staining is a more labor-intensive project than painting.
• Always remove cabinet fronts when painting or staining to prevent a runny-looking finish.
• Get comfortable with your staining technique by practicing on the back of your cabinets before tackling the front.
• Follow the manufacturer’s directions on your chosen stain. Don’t skip steps or you’ll end up with smudges.
• Always finish with a protective polyurethane topcoat to make cabinets easier to clean and extend the life of the stain.

Freshen up with new hardware
Freshen new hardware - Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

Replace the exterior hardware of your cabinetry to give it an instant update.

Brighten cabinet interiors
Brighten cabinet interiors - Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates

• Apply wallpaper to the inside of kitchen wall cabinets to make a beautiful designer statement.
• Line drawers in wallpaper or liners to add protection while elevating the style factor.