Project Guide

How to Build a Storage Ottoman

Cut Plywood
A person using a circular saw to cut plywood.

Cut the pieces you need out of a 4- x 8-feet piece of plywood using the following dimensions:

  • 29-3/4-inches wide for the front and back of the ottoman and lid.
  • 22-inches wide for the sides of the ottoman and lid.
  • 13-3/4-inches high for all four sides of the ottoman.
  • 3-inches high for all four sides of the lid.
  • The four 2- x 2-feet inside corner supports are 9-inches high.

You can also have the plywood cut for you at your local Home Depot. 

Pre-Drill Holes
A person using a power drill to pre-drill holes in plywood for screws.

Pre-drill holes in the plywood before putting in the screws.

Add Glue and Screws
A person applying glue to plywood.
  • Apply a bead of wood glue in the seams.
  • Finish drilling in the drywall screws around all four sides of the ottoman.
Glue Corner Braces
A person applying glue to a piece of wood.

Glue in the four corner braces snug against the inside corners of the ottoman.

Assemble the Box
A person assembling pieces of plywood for a storage ottoman.

Complete the box construction and let the glue dry.

Prep Fabric
A person measuring fabric for a storage ottoman.
  • Cut a piece of poly foam and fabric for the top.
  • Use a straight edge to assist in cutting the piece of fabric to staple onto the lid.
Staple Fabric to Lid
A person stapling fabric to plywood.
  • Fold the edges of the fabric like you’re wrapping a Christmas present.
  • Fold the fabric over the edges of the box to take up the slack for a clean look.
  • Stretch the fabric over the bottom of the boxes and staple.
  • Continue to fold over the excess fabric to keep everything as flat as possible.
Add Piano Hinge
A person using a power drill to fasten a piano hinge.

Screw in the piano hinge. Remember that the round part should stick out of the back of the ottoman to make the lid close flat.

Add Anti-Skid Pads
A person using a power drill to fasten anti-skid pads to an ottoman.

Position the anti-skid pads properly to make sure the screws go into the corner support braces and screw them in.

Finish the Fabric with Tacks
A person using a hammer to fasten fabric with upholstery tacks.

Use a few upholstery tacks to gather and secure any excess fabric.