Project Guide

How to Install Stationary Wall Brackets

Attaching Brackets to Wall Studs
Attaching brackets wall studs - Installing Stationary Brackets
  • Whenever possible, attach brackets to wall studs. 
  • Insert screws into the brackets and tighten until each bracket is secure. 
  • Save time by using an electronic stud finder to locate the studs. 
  • For heavy loads, attach a bracket to every stud along the entire span of shelving.
Attaching Brackets to Masonry
Attaching brackets masonry - Installing Stationary Brackets
  • To attach brackets to masonry walls, use plastic concrete anchors and screws
  • Attach on shelf bracket every 24 inches or every 16 inches for heavy loads.
Level the Brackets
Level the brackets - Installing Stationary Brackets
  • Level the brackets with a carpenter’s level
  • If necessary, hold the level on a straight 2x4 for shelf spans that are longer than the 3 or 4-foot length of the level.