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Garage Flooring Ideas

Garage Floor Paint and Stain
A car parks on a garage floor painted red.

Of the different ways to improve your garage floor’s appearance, coatings such as paint are the least expensive and easiest to apply yourself, although preparing the floor can be a time-consuming process. 

Acrylic latex paint is moisture resistant and is the most popular type of paint for garage floors. It is less expensive than other coatings. 

Concrete stains can give a plain concrete floor the appearance of marbled stone. Stains can be easier to apply than paints but may require more frequent reapplication as well as a sealer or wax. 

Tip: When applying paint or another coating to a garage floor, check instructions to see if it requires a concrete primer coat for stronger bonding. 

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
A person crouches just outside a garage coated with gray epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint is a chemical-resistant paint-like coating with a glossy finish that lasts longer and offers better protection from spills and hot tires than standard paint. It is not recommended for use on garage floors that hold moisture, which will undermine the bonding process. 

Interlocking Floor Tiles
Interlocking tiles cover a garage floor in a black and gray checkerboard pattern.

Interlocking garage floor tiles can be both a stylish and durable option for garage flooring. 

  • Popular tile materials include polypropylene and PVC as well as rubber and steel, and the tiles can be rigid or flexible depending on your needs. 
  • Many garage floor tiles are designed to be easy to clean and to allow water to evaporate beneath them, avoiding moisture problems such as mildew. 
  • If car maintenance or other household projects have you standing in the garage for long periods, cushioned tiles may provide a comfortable choice. 
  • The modular garage flooring design allows the tiles to be arranged in checkerboard configurations and other patterns. 
  • Compared to other coverings, tiles are more cheaply and easily replaced in case of wear and tear: simply removed the damaged section of tile and replace with a fresh one. 
Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles with a gray, wood-like appearance cover a garage floor.

Often associated with kitchens and bathrooms, porcelain tiles are an often-overlooked option for garage floors, but can be highly effective. 

  • Porcelain tile resists many stains, chemicals and materials such as road salt and can be cost effective, especially if you know how to lay tile and can install it yourself. 
  • Drawbacks to porcelain is that it can be more slippery when wet than other floorings, and the grout can become dirty if not properly sealed. 
Garage Flooring Mats
A motorcycle is parked on a flooring mat in a garage.

Made of vinyl and other materials, garage floor mats can be ordered in custom shapes and unrolled into place. They are easy to install but run a risk of being gouged or cut by sharp, hard objects. 

Garage Flooring Covering Colors
Interlocking tiles on a garage floor include bright colors as well as black and gray.

While many garage floor cover options come in shades of black and gray to help conceal tire marks and spills, some come in a variety of colors to give a garage a brighter, more vibrant look. 

Garage Flooring Covering Patterns
A car parks on a garage flooring mat with raised coin-shaped patterns.

Garage floor coverings often have raised patterns that give them a stylish texture while making them more slip resistant. Surface patterns include diamond, ribbed and coin. 

Garage Floor Carpeting
A person touches a gray indoor/outdoor carpet suitable for a garage.

While standard forms of indoor carpeting are not suitable for garages, specialty carpeting made for automotive or outdoor use provides an option. Carpet of Olefin synthetic fibers and polypropylene fibers can stand up to garage use, resisting stains, mold and mildew, as well as being fire resistant. Fabric garage floor mats offer an example of this.

Your garage floor doesn’t have to be bare concrete, but can have visual appeal as well as durability. The best garage flooring options can protect the room while contributing to the resale value of the house. If you plan on painting your garage or redoing the floor just once, consider tool rental to get your project done. Use once, then bring it back - no maintenance required and you won’t need to store it either.